Ronaldo Nazario: Insane footage of Brazil icon proves he's the GOAT striker

Ronaldo Nazario is one of the most revered footballers to ever grace the game.

The Brazilian – who scored two goals in the 2002 World Cup final to lead his country to glory – captured the imaginations of the public like few others have done before, or since.

However, his career was cruelly plagued by injuries and, as a result, fans have often been left with that ‘what if?’ question when it comes to the heights he could have reached.

But a video that was recently shared to Twitter clearly shows that, R9 had all the attributes to be uttered in the same breath as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, should he have had bit more luck on the injury front.

As well as some added dedication because we all know how much the legend loved to party by the time he got to his Real Madrid days…

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Ronaldo doing the absolute business

The video contains a series of clips from throughout Ronaldo’s career, although mainly from his Barcelona, Inter Milan and Real Madrid spells.

And is quite literally 2:15 seconds of the Brazilian rinsing defender after defender in absolutely ridiculous fashion.

Above all, it shows that whilst a prime R9 will forever be remembered as one of the world’s finest goalscorers, his game had so, so much more.

Check the footage out for yourself below.

Ronaldinho rightfully gets so much clout for his mind-boggling skills, but we tell you what, R9 had some serious tricks up his sleeve too.

He was simply devastating in the way he bypassed pro defenders as if he was toying around with his pet dog in the garden.

The key point we can takeaway from the clip, in our opinion at least, is that despite the Zinedine Zidane’s and Ronaldinho’s of this world, if one player of the modern era can hold a candle to the might of Messi & CR7, it’s most certainly R9.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is just about the biggest compliment you can give a footballer nowadays.

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