Guy Martin shows how intense a Formula 1 tyre change is as he takes part in pit-stop

Guy Martin is never one to shy away from a challenge and he certainly stepped up to the mark when it came to helping the Williams Formula 1 team during the Belgian Grand Prix back in 2017.

The current F1 season is on a summer break after an exciting first part of the season, and it gives the drivers, as well as the teams, an opportunity to recharge the batteries.

Indeed, having the mechanics fresh and raring to go for the second half of the season is just as important as the many other factors that bring success to a Formula 1 team, especially when it comes to those make or break pit-stops during a race.

That’s why, then, Guy must have felt huge pressure during the Belgian Grand Prix in 2017, as he helped change the tyres of both Lance Stroll and Felipe Massa during the race.

As the full clip below shows, Guy made a slightly sloppy start in the midst of a racing scenario, but he soon started producing the goods as part of the Williams pit crew, helping pull off some lightning-quick stops:

Tyre changes are just one of the many marvels F1 has to offer, with it taking a matter of seconds to get four fresh new boots on the car before it tears off again.

Guy did really well, after a bit of training, to seamlessly take part in the stops and he can count it as another challenge well done in what is a pretty stellar list of his.

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