Fans can't get enough of Kyle Pitts' exchange with Atlanta Falcons legend Michael Vick

Michael Pitts and Kyle Pitts

Fans across the internet have been reacting to an interaction between Atlanta Falcons legend Michael Vick and current player Kyle Pitts.

Now depending on how old you are and when you started paying attention to the NFL, there are a couple of different ways that you see and perceive Michael Vick and what he was able to do in his career.

There is the first iteration of Vick that saw him revolutionise the game as we know it with his incredible ability to escape from the pocket and go on some mazy runs through the opposing defence, becoming the first quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards in a season, whilst also possessing an incredible arm that made him a nightmare for anybody trying to gameplan against him and the Atlanta Falcons through the early part of the 2000s.

Or there is the second stage of his career which isn’t as great to talk about. Having been sentenced to almost two years in prison for his involvement in a dog-fighting operation, he came back to the league as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, before finishing his career off with brief stints at the New York Jets and with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But whilst you might, and quite rightly, question what he did off the field, there is no doubting that in his prime, there was no more exciting player to watch than Vick.

The next generation

But whilst Vick may have been the idol for Falcons fans during the early to mid-2000s, that current title is held by tight end Kyle Pitts, who, whilst probably unlikely to make as big an impact on the league as Vick did, is still showing signs that he could be a dominant force in the league.

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What game kicked off the NFL season?

His rookie year saw him haul in 68 catches that turned into 1,026 yards and a touchdown, and also saw him named to the PFWA All-Rookie team and being the first rookie tight end to be named to the Pro Bowl since Greg Olsen managed it in 2002.

But more than just trying to be the face of the franchise like Vick was, it turns out that their story together goes back quite a long way.

Past meets future

In footage posted by the Falcons’ social media team, it was revealed that Pitts had attended a football camp hosted by Vick when he was a child, and had Vick sign his jersey. Now, all these years later, it was time for Pitts to return the favour and sign a jersey of his own to give to Vick:

It was certainly a great moment, and one that fans on the internet couldn’t contain themselves over as they took to social media to share their joy at the moment:

Vick Pitts tweet 1
Vick Pitts tweets 2
Vick Pitts tweets 3
Vick Pitts tweet 4
Vick Pitts tweet 5
Vick Pitts tweet 7

It makes you wonder if there are any more moments like this ready to be shared. Did Mac Jones for instance attend a Tom Brady camp, or does Tua Tagovailoa have a signed Dan Marino shirt somewhere?

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