Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z collab date teased

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z Collab Teaser

A while back, we came across a leak that there could be a Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z collaboration and it looks like that is coming to fruition. 

Well, we are yet to see official confirmation because there has been a lot of information, unconfirmed, surrounding the collaboration. Epic Games is constantly busy with great collaborations and we think that this might be true. If it is, this will greatly please the gaming community. 

However, the rumours have slowed down. This could be because Epic Games employees are on break.

If you are looking for more anime action, and information about when it’ll come to Fortnite, you’re advised to keep scrolling as we’ll be sharing all we know about the release date. 

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Is Dragonball Z coming to Fortnite?

A question on everyone’s mind! We just might have the answer to that, based on a teaser on Twitter, posted by the official Fortnite account, the collab could be coming on 16th August 2022

At the time of writing this piece, no exact time is known.

Just a quick recap on the Dragon Ball Z and Fortnite collab, ShiinaBR shared on Twitter that the collab would include four skins. Currently, there is no information regarding the challenges that will come with this update. The prominent leaker also shared that Goku and Vegeta will be getting skins on Fortnite.

So far, we know that Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and “an unknown” Dragon Ball character will get skins.

There’s more, the leaker also shared what seems to be a leaked Dragon Ball Z Fortnite lobby background.

Remember the Dragon Ball capsule that was revealed in the first leak? Well, it has appeared on the Fortnite map, according to this leak.

For now, we don’t know whether the skins will come with other items or not, but as soon as official information is released we will surely update this page, so keep checking back here.

Looking at these rumours, we can safely say that this update is going to be epic! With Fortnite, we expect no less after having iconic collabs bringing the likes of Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, and John Cena on the battle bus.

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