WWE's absolutely incredible 1999 Super Bowl commercial BTS footage

WWE Super Bowl Commercial

WWE in the late 90s was growing at a rapid rate, with new fans being acquired all the time. That is mainly due to the famous ‘attitude era’ which is arguably the best era we’ve ever had in the WWE.

The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Kane and Chyna were all prevalent during this time and were the faces for the organisation.

No surprises it’s the attitude era with those types of Superstars leading the way! During that time we got plenty of iconic moments in all aspects of the organisation.

Back in 1999, the WWF as it was then, produced a commercial to run during Super Bowl XXXIII to promote the organisation, with it being an absolute classic.

The advert has become iconic for WWE fans, with us getting to see behind the scenes of filming thanks to the WWE who have released footage to show us just that.

Stone Cold Steve Austin kicks off the advert, saying the WWF is non-violent entertainment, before striking an employee with a chair.

Next, The Rock walks past Kane, with him claiming they’re athletes that now the importance of being positive role models as workers are fighting in the conference room next to him, with someone being thrown through a window.

The Undertaker then says how it is wholesome entertainment as fights ensue around him, with one unfortunate sole being hit with a bin. Following him, Mankind says how they’re trying to make it a better place for ‘mankind’ if you pardon the pun, with carnage in the lobby below him.

Vince McMahon ends the commercial by watching an employee of his get thrown out of a top story window. It’s certainly a classic advert which the WWE produced in jest with their reputation for violence.

We get to see behind the scenes of the filming, including The Rock talking to a director about how to perform his scene.

He obviously has gone on to have a successful Hollywood career off the back of his WWE performances, so it’s certainly intriguing seeing this footage of him before he made it big in the film industry.

What we’d do to have this era of WWE back, it’s truly iconic with this commercial just verifying that it was truly a great time to be watching the organisation.

Who would be the best Superstars to revive an attitude era from the current roster the WWE has to offer?

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