Fall Guys: How to claim the coconut milk costume

Fall Guys Coconut Milk Costume

The unique Coconut Milk Fall Guys outfit is one of the rewards for August available to Xbox Subscription subscribers who have Game Pass.

There is great news in store for Fall Guys players who also subscribe to Xbox Game Pass. The game is still available for free on all platforms thanks to Epic Games.

Subscribers can now take advantage of it and expand their collection with a new cool skin. They can further customise their video game characters, which resemble beans, with the help of the outfit.

Since each costume has a different unlocking process, the Coconut Milk costume is ideal for any Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Players may now take advantage of it on their Xbox account for no extra charge as long as they are current subscribers thanks to the perk system.

Here’s how to earn the Coconut Milk Costume in Fall Guys.

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How to claim the coconut milk costume in Fall Guys

The epic cute skin known as Coconut Milk Costume is like a combination of both coconut and a summer cocktail. You need to be a current subscriber to Xbox Game Pass to acquire this skin because it is one of the service’s unique prizes.

Here’s what you need to do to acquire the Coconut Milk Costume in Fall Guys if you’re an Xbox Game Pass member:

  1. On your smartphone, open the Xbox Game Pass app.
  2. Use your credentials to log in.
  3. The list of prizes will then appear after selecting Perks.
  4. You can find the Coconut Milk Costume by scrolling down the page.
  5. Get the skin code by clicking on the Coconut Milk Costume link.
  6. The skin will then automatically show up in your Fall Guys inventory after you click Next.
  7. Start the game and take advantage of the new skin.

Try rebooting your console and then launching Fall Guys again if the skin is missing from your inventory. If the problem continues, make sure you have followed all the instructions to redeem the code by checking the Xbox Game Pass app Perks once more. After following all the steps, the costume reward should appear under Your Codes; however, if it doesn’t, try reusing the code.

More players have joined the game since Fall Guys became free to play, and since Xbox Game Pass is giving away free skins, gamers can dress the part when winning those Fall Guys shows. Be on the lookout for new Fall Guys prizes on the Xbox Game Pass app since the Robo Rabbit costume was the last skin to be made available as an Xbox Game Pass reward.

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