Tottenham, Juventus, Everton: The 10 worst kits of 2022/2023 ranked

So, the new football season is well and truly under way – but which clubs can now lay claim to donning the worst kits of the bunch?

It’s a tag no player, team or club would really want hanging over there heads.

However, more often than not, it’s those truly dire kits that are more memorable than the good ones.

Therefore with all of Europe’s big five leagues officially back open for business this weekend, FourFourTwo have decided to bring down the hammer on those that have let themselves down stylistically for 2022/2023.

The 10 worst football kits of 2022/2023

10. Inter Milan away shirt

‘A nice idea that was executed poorly’ was FourFourTwo’s take on Inter’s latest away kit.

And we’d probably be inclined to agree with that suggestion.

In a similar fashion to Barcelona’s new golden away kit, they’ve tried to create a map moulded into the background of the design, however haven’t pulled it off nearly as well.

‘Digitalbits’ is some downgrade from ‘Pirelli’ as a sponsor, also.

9. Hartlepool away shirt

It might be a tad harsh to say that Jeff Stelling’s favourite club’s new shirt is awful, but the half and half design they’ve opted for is pretty strange.

We’d rather the designers Errea would have kept it simple – sure it would have been middle of the road in terms of looks, however at least it would pull together decently.

8. RB Leipzig home shirt

RB Leipzig have produced some bangers in recent years, in fact, both their home and away kit from 2021/2022 were worth writing home about.

However, this season’s home shirt does not have the same effect…

Blobby, patchy red marks across the jersey look out of place rather than artistic – a shoddy job from Nike here.

7. Juventus home shirt

FourFourTwo have ranked Juventus’ new home kit as the 7th worst for this season but we have to say, we disagree with their judgement here.

It’s nothing special – unlike their new black away kit, which they should play in every week – yet, in our eyes, it does the job well enough.

6. Tottenham away shirt

Oh god, this is a howler – like, really, really bad.

At a time when so much seems to have gone right for Spurs off the pitch in terms of whipping up some excellent deals in the transfer market, they then go and produce this abomination.

In what world is this aesthetically pleasing, enlighten us Nike, we beg you.

5. Levante third kit

Na, surely a reputable company hasn’t produced this thinking it’s actually a vibe?

The awful green spotted design makes anyone wearing it look like a frog in fancy dress.

We’re just glad it’s their third kit, because this piece ought to be kept under lock and key rather than brandished on a football pitch.

4. Leeds away kit

Twitter user @tomellis365 seems to be a big fan of the Yorkshire club’s latest piece, but honestly, we’re not sure how.

The shirt genuinely looks like a mouldy block of cheese going off in the fridge…

Check it out for yourself below.

3. Atletico Madrid home kit

Atletico’s new kit is reportedly the worst selling in their history and, looking at, it’s pretty clear why.

What on earth are they doing with the bendy stripes? It doesn’t work, not in the slightest and you can bet the club are seriously regretting the design now.

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2. Everton away kit

We’re not quite sure what the inspiration was behind this design, but those odd diamond patterns don’t do the kit any favours.

We’re a fan of the bold colour choice, though, it’s just, all in all, things haven’t really come together as they should.

The sponsor looks ugly too – sorry, ‘Stake.Com’.

1. Reading home shirt

And here we are for the worst of the worst, the crowning moment has arrived… in FourFourTwo’s eyes at least.

They’ve opted for Reading’s home shirt as this season’s biggest howler, although we have to admit, whilst the sleeve design really does ruin the look, the kit looks pretty fresh across the torso.

Credit to Reading, though, the sleeves are an ode to the climate change that’s happened in the city in recent times – so we love the cause.

Check out the kit below.

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