Brock Lesnar WWE: Goldberg's shock admission about 2016 90-second squash match

Brock Lesnar came up with the idea to get squashed by Goldberg

It has emerged that Goldberg squashing Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series 2016 was actually the former UFC star’s idea.

In one of the most shocking WWE moments of the 21st century, Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar in just 90 seconds in the main event of the Survivor Series show in November 2016.

The match was Goldberg’s first since his infamous match at WrestleMania XX in 2004, which also just so happened to be against Brock Lesnar.

Brock didn’t get in a single move during the match, with WWE opting to have Goldberg hit two Spears and a Jackhammer before picking up the win in arguably Lesnar’s most convincing loss ever.

And now, during a recent interview, Goldberg has surprisingly revealed that it was Brock’s idea to lose in such quick fashion.

Speaking with Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Goldberg called Brock a “mastermind”, explaining that the decision to lose so quickly was actually made by him (via Fightful):

I never would have said this before, and I don’t think you would have said this before, but Brock Lesnar is an absolute mastermind. He really is. Brock is the one that came up with the 90-second deal. You know me, I’m not going to walk in and say, ‘Ah, I’ve been waiting 12 years, I’m gonna beat Brock in 90 seconds. Pay me and I’m gone.’ It doesn’t work like that.

In the same interview, the WWE Hall of Famer spoke about how he “learned a lot” about Brock from their feud in 2016, which is arguably looked back on as Goldberg’s best from his second run with WWE.

I learned a lot from Brock and I learned a lot about who he is and about how creative he is and about how unselfish he is. Those are things that people would definitely be surprised about when talking about Brock Lesnar.

Goldberg is still under contract with WWE
Goldberg is still under contract with WWE

Goldberg is still under contract with WWE and during recent interviews has said that he’s just waiting for higher-ups to call him regarding a potential return.

The former WCW star was a favourite of Vince McMahon though, so now that Triple H is running creative, it remains to be seen how Goldberg is going to be used moving forwards.

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