Washington Commanders QB Carson Wentz keeps emotions in check during brutal interview

Carson Wentz during an interview

Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz had to hold everything in as he was asked some very critical questions during training camp.

To call Carson Wentz’ career in the NFL an odd one would be something of an understatement. Having been taken with the #2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, he was slowly developing into a very capable quarterback in the league, even playing well enough to earn some MVP consideration in just his second season.

That season though was bittersweet, as he spent the latter part of it on the sidelines ahead after picking up an ACL injury whilst having to watch the Eagles go on and win the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots with Nick Foles as their quarterback.

He has since never been able to really recover from that injury, even suffering a further back injury the following season and as a result his play declined, which led to the Eagles trading him away to the Indianapolis Colts ahead of the 2021 season.

Failing to bounce back

The Colts and Wentz were meant to be a match made in heaven. A team that had all the makings of a Super Bowl roster that just needed someone to take them over the top, and Wentz was going to be that man as they looked to find a long-term replacement for Andrew Luck.

However, despite throwing for 3,563 passing yards and 27 touchdowns – 3rd highest and joint 2nd highest he’s had in his career – he wasn’t able to even take the Colts to the playoffs, with the season summed up with a terrible performance in the final week of the season that saw them fall to the Jacksonville Jaguars 26-11 when a win would have seen them through.

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What game kicked off the NFL season?

And obviously, that one year wasn’t enough to convince the Colts to keep him around, and so he was flipped to the Washington Commanders this offseason where he’ll be hoping to establish himself as the main man once again. 

Another bumpy start

Things though don’t appear to be going too smoothly in the nation’s capital, with reports emerging that he has been very inconsistent with his play.

And he was made to address those in an interview with local Washington reporter Scott Abraham, who got very personal and asked the tough questions during a recent interview with the 29-year-old:

Credit has to go to Wentz here, to be able to keep a straight face and address the criticisms like that and not rise above it (at least not on camera, he may have had a quiet word when the director said ‘cut’), is a level of maturity that many of us should really aspire to.

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