Tom Brady's NFL preseason debut gave us a glimpse into how he'd end up being the G.O.A.T

Tom Brady in his preseason debut

Tom Brady gave us just a brief glimpse of what was to come in his NFL career when he made his preseason debut back in 2000.

They say that every journey starts with a single step, even for some of the greatest that have ever played the game, everyone needs to start somewhere, even if it comes from a rather humble beginning.

This weekend saw a lot of teams take part in their first preseason game, with some still to come later today. Preseason games give rookies and so-called ‘bubble players’ the chance to show that they belong on the NFL stage, whilst for veterans, it’s an opportunity to shake off the rust and get ready for the new season.

And when it comes to the journey of Tom Brady, there is arguably no more humbler beginning than the one that he had to take when he first came into the NFL after being taken #199 in the 2000 Draft, indeed it’s just another chapter in the ‘rags to riches’ story that accompanies Brady from being an afterthought in the league to the greatest to ever play.

Before Brady was Brady

Back then of course Brady had an obligation to turn ip for preseason games, a far cry from what he has become today.

Brady has been making headlines this offseason for what he has, or rather, hasn’t been doing when it comes to getting ready for the season. Brady will be away from the team for the foreseeable future, leaving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to get ready without him, with what has been described as ‘personal reasons’, although it is thought that everyone within the Brady family is fine and it’s just a case of him resting up before the season.   

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Which college did Tom Brady attend?

When you factor in his age, how much he’s accomplished in the game and how great he is at getting teams ready despite limited preparation (this is the man who won the Super Bowl after an offseason that didn’t have any preseason games and with limited practice opportunity due to the pandemic), he does kind of get a pass for missing time right now. 

The warning signs were there

It’s a far cry to what was happening during his first preseason game, when he and the New England Patriots took on the San Francisco 49ers at the Hall of Fame Game. 

As a 6th round draft pick and seen as unlikely to get much done in his early days as the Patriots had Drew Bledsoe as their starter, Brady didn’t get his first taste of NFL football until the 4th quarter when the Patriots were already 20-0 up, so it was his job to just come in, manage the situation and show what he could do.

As it turned out, right from the get-go he looked like he was something special, as he was completing passes left, right and centre:

It just goes to show, be sure to watch what happens in preseason, because you never know which future legend might be developing before your very eyes. 

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