Ronaldo, Zlatan, Di Maria: Neville & Carragher rank every Man Utd transfer since 2013

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have delivered a damning verdict when assessing United’s transfer business since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

On the first Monday Night Football show of the new season, the iconic punditry duo decided to turn their eye to United as part of their pre-game analysis.

The Red Devils have endured their worst start to a campaign in 101 years, and it’s fair to say fan optimism has disappeared like the air from a popped balloon.

Neville, a former United captain and legend of the club, said the place “has become a graveyard” for top players.

And after which the pair went on to assess the club’s recruitment since the departure of Ferguson in 2013.

To put it lightly, the results paint a truly hideous picture for United fans to view.

In the segment, Neville and Carragher classify every United signing across the past nine years into red, amber or green categories – with the obvious purpose of deciding who’s been a successful signing for the club.

However what’s shocked viewers, is that of the 33 signings made within the time-frame (not including this summer), just two got a green light by the pundits.

By that making then, United would have a 1 in 17 hit rate in the transfer market, or looked at as a percentage, a shockingly poor 6.06%.

Check out their damning assessment below.

Neville & Carragher on United’s business

According to the pair, then, just Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Bruno Fernandes can be viewed as total successes from the past 18 transfer windows.

Ibrahimovic has always looked back on his time in Manchester as a raging success – what a surprise – so that adds up.

Whilst Fernandes was quite simply unplayable in his first year or so. Although things have took a turn for the worse in recent times, though, there can be no denying that.

Cristiano Ronaldo is good enough only for the ‘amber’ category meaning that whilst he was wasn’t a total flop, there has been issues with the transfer.

Harry Maguire joins the Portuguese icon in the grouping. You could argue the Englishman started his United career decently well, but given the catastrophic drop-off in his performances, that seems pretty generous.

Whilst a monumental 24 individuals find themselves in the lowest category of them all and therefore, according to Neville and Carragher at least, were total disasters.