Strangest free-kick routine? Russian side Alania go viral for raft of bizarre routines 

Alania free-kick routines

The world of the set-piece routine can often be a bit of a minefield.

Nottingham Forest recently hit the headlines for a bizarre attempted corner that, after all the effort, ended with the ball safely nestled in the goalkeeper’s arms.

To be fair, you can’t fault the Premier League side for trying something creative and attempting to venture from the well-trodden path of the bog standard in-swinger.

However, no one will ever come close to the wild set-piece imagination of second division Russian side, FC Alania Vladikavkaz.

Valdikavkaz, based out of the southern Russian city, are developing quite a reputation online for their bizarre antics in the build-up to set pieces.

Some of the routines, which are awfully intricate with many a moving part, must’ve taken quite some planning and practice to get right.

They recently went viral for a bizarre free-kick routine in a Russian Cup game against Zenit St. Petersburg which they ultimately would win via a dramatic penalty shootout.

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Manchester United vs Chelsea, 2008 UCL Final

Now, they are are doing the rounds again after footage went viral on Twitter from a recent clash that saw their routines hit peak levels of eccentricity.

The footage, which comes from a clash with FC Rotor Volgograd shows a corner routine in which Alania perform a dainty little ‘ring-around-the-rosy’ before breaking off and darting into the various corners of the area.

Sadly, it would all be inconsequential in the end as the delivery was easily gobbled up by the goalkeeper.

The next clip, however, may never be topped.

Bizarre free-kick routine
Russian second division attempt bizarre free kick routine

Alania were handed a free-kick in a promising position and, as the clock ticked away, they chose to stage a multi-layered, several-acted show before springing their set piece.

At one point, the goalkeeper even bizarrely showed up in the box before scampering away again as panicked defenders gestured hither and thither.

You can check out some of the brilliant action in the clip below:

Unreal. Have you ever seen anything like it before in your life?

However, it turns out that those two works of art were only half of Alania’s offering in that game, with further footage on YouTube highlighting that the first-half of their Rotor clash was also littered with set-piece whimsicality.

You can only stand back and applaud.

Unfortunately, unlike the aforementioned Zenit set-piece, none of them resulted in a goal but you simply can’t fault the effort.

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