Bray Wyatt return: Rumour killer on theory ex-WWE star was teased on Raw last night

Bray Wyatt could be on his way back to WWE

Some fans are of the belief that Bray Wyatt’s sensational WWE return was teased on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

In the background during one of the backstage segments on last night’s show featuring Theory, a glove-wearing hand could be seen.

Some have taken this to be the hand of Bray Wyatt, believing that this was WWE’s way of teasing the return of the former NXT star.

Bray is rumoured to be coming back to the company, with reports suggesting that the former WWE Champion’s return is now “more likely” following the retirement of Vince McMahon.

In fact, some reports even go further than that to say that higher-ups expect Bray to be back in WWE soon, dubbing his return as “likely”, which you can read more about by clicking here.

Following Vince’s retirement, reports also emerged indicating that the ex-WWE CEO had a broken relationship with Bray, so much so that he’d hurl derogatory comments at the wrestler about his weight, which you can also read more about by clicking here.

While Bray may be on his way back to WWE, as we’ve covered, it seems like the theories that his comeback was teased on Raw last night may have been wide of the mark.

The replies to the embedded tweet above all point out that the glove likely belonged to Dexter Lumis, who returned to WWE last week.

WWE is doing an ‘invader’ storyline with Lumis at the moment, with the former NXT star jumping the barricade during Raw last night, so it would certainly make sense to suggest that the tease was for him.

So unfortunately fans are left still waiting for confirmation that Bray is coming back to WWE, but all signs seem to be pointing in that direction.

Some have speculated that due to Wyatt being a major star, WWE may look to bring him back in a bigger way, possibly even at Clash at the Castle on September 3.

However, it’s worth stressing that that’s just speculation at this stage, and there’s no word on when fans can expect to see Bray if he does return to WWE.

Bray Wyatt could be brought back to WWE
Bray Wyatt could be brought back to WWE

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