UFC legend Vitor Belfort dropping TikTok boxing star Bryce Hall with vicious shot

UFC legend Vitor Belfort dropping TikTok boxing star Bryce Hall with vicious shot

It is often said that you can’t beat the pros at their own game. However, this still doesn’t stop people wanting to try.

From the those who believe that they should have made it themselves, to the truly deluded who believe that top quality sport is something anyone can aspire to, those who get the chance to test this out often end up learning a painful lesson.

Social media can be a platform for this with more and more people seeking to gain followers through posting their training and through making claims about their prowess.

Last summer, TikTok users saw one of the app’s most famous stars Bryce Hall bite off a little more than he could chew during a sparring session with former UFC champion Vitor Belfort.

Hall had just lost to YouTuber Austin McBroom during the YouTube versus TikTok boxing event and was looking to improve his skills. He visited Belfort for a sparring session so he could learn where he could improve technique from the former light heavyweight and heavyweight UFC fighter.

The clip shows Belfort cornering Hall and delivering a powerful body blow, which left the youngster wanting to take time out to recover.

The next part of the clip again shows Belfort work Hall into a corner before landing a shot on the TikTok star. This resulted in Hall dropping to the floor and the spotter starting a countdown.

Since that clip, Hall has been looking for a new challenge, however, nothing has yet been confirmed. Some might say that the public are losing interest in social media match-ups.

Credit should be given to Hall for trying to improve his skills, however, stepping into a ring with a highly rated and proven fighter such as Belfort makes us question the motivation. Improving his level or gaining followers?

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Who is this heavyweight boxer?

A fun runner looking to complete a half-marathon is hardly likely to benefit from completing track reps with Mo Farah. A more suitable training partner should be sought.

As for Belfort, after defeating the great Evander Holyfield in an exhibition, he is keen to set up a fight with Jake Paul.

Belfort feels that social media personality and rising boxer Paul shows a lack of respect towards MMA fighters and is keen to “teach him a lesson.”

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