Vince McMahon's prediction for WWE after he retired turned out to be spot on

Vince McMahon predicted what would happen to WWE once he retired

While still serving as CEO and Chairman, Vince McMahon predicted that would happen to WWE when he retired.

Now that he has retired, footage has re-emerged online of Vince McMahon explaining what would happen to WWE when he stepped away, and to his credit, he was completely spot on.

McMahon said during the interview, which is believed to have been filmed between 2002 and 2006, that he was completely healthy and didn’t feel like he’d need to step away anytime soon.

Vince did hold his positions within WWE until just last month, only stepping away because of sexual misconduct allegations levied against him, rather than because of health issues.

Prior to his retirement, Vince served as WWE’s CEO, Chairman and also as Head of Creative, roles that have all now been redistributed.

McMahon said that no one person would be able to take on as many responsibilities as he had, so he said that at least two people would be needed to take on his roles when he retires.

That’s what ended up happening too, as Stephanie McMahon serves as the Chairwoman and co-CEO alongside Nick Khan, whilst Triple H is the Head of Creative.

Vince clearly knew how much work he did for WWE and understood that his eventual successor wouldn’t be able to tackle all of those tasks on their own, which ended up being true.

Vince McMahon has now retired from WWE
Vince McMahon has now retired from WWE

McMahon also spoke about how his son-in-law Triple H had a great business mind, but stressed that he’d almost definitely be better suited to a role within the creative process.

Vince explained that due to his time as a wrestler, Triple H had picked up a lot of skills that would enable him to great future WWE Superstars, attributes that would serve him well on the creative team.

Again, that ended up being what happened, as days after Vince’s retirement from WWE, it was announced that Triple H had become the Head of Creative.

Vince didn’t know when he was going to have to step way from WWE, or the reasons that he’d be forced to quit, but it’s clear from the footage and his correct predictions that he understood the business like no other.

For any additional news on Vince McMahon’s retirement from WWE, and what the future of the company looks like now he’s gone, make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport.

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