WWE 2K23: Five new match types we want to see

WWE 2K22 is expected to be released before the end of 2021.

WWE 2K23 has been confirmed in an earnings call from Take-Two, so we’ve taken a look at five new match types that could be included in the game.

WWE 2K22 has been a major hit with audiences, bringing a genuinely fantastic wrestling simulation to next-gen consoles.

2K built their entire marketing around the fact that the game “hits different” and it does; this is a game that is a marked step up over WWE 2K20, one of the worst wrestling games ever released.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement within WWE 2K23.

We’ve put together a list of five match types we want to see in the next instalment, to add some genuine realism to proceedings.

Five Match Types We Want In WWE 2K23

Special Referee Match

Who doesn’t want to be the ref?

Whack one of the biggest superstars in the middle of the squared circle, with their zebra-inspired shirt, and count the pinfalls and call the disqualifications.

This was a stable of old-school wrestling games such as Here Comes The Pain, we need to see it make a comeback.

Inferno Match

Another one that was featured in old-school wrestling games but seems to have been done away with by 2K.

The inferno match is mainly Kane’s speciality but it’s a cool way of taking on your opponent, as you attempt to throw them into the fire.

With the right presentation, this could be an awesome addition to WWE 2K23.

First Blood Match

Finn Balor and many other superstars are expected to feature in WWE 2K22.

We can understand why this one was scrapped.

WWE entered a PG era a long time ago and, so, first blood matches were subsequently done away with in the 2K series.

But with Triple H now at the helm and the potential of returning to a more Attitude Era style, 2K23 could be the perfect time to bring the First Blood match back.

Punjabi Prison Match

Now, before you complain, we know: The Punjabi Prison Match isn’t exactly a fan-favourite.

But it is used occasionally in WWE, most recently when Jinder Mahal was WWE Champion, so if we want a realistic version of the world, we need the Punjabi Prison.

Just don’t ask us to explain the rules.

War Games

We’ve saved the best until last.

War Games is one of the greatest new match types WWE has come up with in years; two teams of five wrestlers battle it out across two rings in one cage.

It’s absolute chaos and it could be genuinely brilliant as an online match type.

It’s now a staple of NXT, so there really isn’t any excuse for it not being in the game.

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