How to do ‘The Griddy’ celebration in FIFA 23

Christian Pulusic performs 'The Griddy' celebration in FIFA 23

‘The Griddy’ is now a celebration in FIFA 23 – but how do you do it in-game? Find out right here.

‘The Griddy’ is a dance move that has been used as a celebration by athletes across a number of sports. A host of NFL stars began doing the dance as a touchdown celebration in 2020 and it became a regular feature in the sport into 2021, with a number of football stars subsequently emulating it in 2022.

The two Premier League footballers that have been seen to perform the celebration so far are Christian Pulisic for Chelsea and Anthony Elanga of Manchester United.

Thanks to its newfound popularity in football – EA have decided to include the popular dance move in FIFA 23 as a celebration. But how do you perform it?

Here is how to do ‘The Griddy’ celebration in FIFA 23.

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How to do ‘The Griddy’ in FIFA 23

Anthony Elanga of Manchester United performing 'The Griddy' celebration.
Anthony Elanga of Manchester United performing ‘The Griddy’ celebration.

As confirmed by EA via Twitter – here is how you perform ‘The Griddy’ in FIFA 23.

  • PlayStation: Hold R2, Flick RS Up, Flick RS Up
  • XBOX: Hold RT, Flick RS Up, Flick RS Up

So it’s as simple as that! That’s all you need to do in order to perform ‘The Griddy’ celebration in FIFA 23.

This is already shaping up to be a popular celebration thanks to its influence on the world via social media platforms and will be a common sight to see in FIFA 23 FUT Champions no doubt.

Will this be your go-to celebration in FIFA 23? Or are you more of a classic shush merchant in order to wind your opponent up? Whatever your style – you can certainly celebrate in some unique ways in the new instalment of the game.

FIFA 23 also comes with a new variety of ‘Signature Celebrations’ which are performed by some of the greatest stars in world football. To find out all the new signature celebrations on the new title – check out the article below.

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