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Arcane, which is based on League of Legends, fully outshines its rivals and raises the bar for animated series. 

Arcane is the first fully realised story that League of Legends has created, despite the fact that the game has previously produced a number of stunning animated scenes, including music videos and character cinematics.

Arcane’s success is all the more remarkable given how often video game adaptations fall flat, yet the show succeeds in developing its own voice without resorting to gimmicks or overt allusions.

Arcane has already been renewed for season two and has achieved a remarkable 9.4 rating on IMDb. Since its debut in 2009, League of Legends has become a worldwide sensation, attracting millions of viewers annually for its championship tournaments.

The world-building in the show is superb, with distinct colour palettes and intricate landscapes separating the two distinctly different cities.

The League of Legends video game champions who feature in the first season of Netflix’s animated series Arcane are listed below in full, ranked in terms of GiveMeSport’s favourite.

Champions in Arcane

Each champion that has so far appeared in the series is listed below.

8. Jinx


Jinx, commonly referred to as Powder, is Silco’s adopted daughter and Vi’s younger sister. Jinx has experienced a rough upbringing with Vi, which has caused her to experience some severe psychological problems. She is adopted by Silco after Vi appears to have abandoned her. She learns from Silco how to use her anger against his enemies.

Despite this, Jinx and Silco are connected by their experiences of family betrayal. Jinx has to choose between becoming Powder or Jinx throughout the course of the season. In the end, she comes to the realisation that she is the latter and develops into a well-known champion.

7. Caitlyn


The first appearance of the recognizable Caitlyn with blue hair is in Arcane episode 2. Caitlyn is a skilled shooter and a member of Piltover’s police force. She comes from a wealthy family and belongs to Piltover’s elite. 

Her confidence in Vi grows as the concert goes on, and they eventually start dating. This friendship is seen as one of the best aspects of the program and one that has the greatest influence on the plot of Arcane.

6. Singed


In the first episode, Singed makes an appearance and conducts a research experiment on unwilling subjects for Silco. You discover that he is producing a substance called Shimmer that makes users more violent and strong. 

Singed is a cruel person who works for a crueller person, Silco. Throughout the entire series, Singed remains employed by Silco and even helps Viktor with his research. Despite playing a minor part in the program, he has an impact on the story.

5. Ekko


In the first episode of Arcane, Ekko first appears as a little child. He grew up in Zuan alongside Vi and Jinx, and they were childhood friends. He even shared with them the Piltover penthouse break-in tip. 

He makes a comeback later on in the show to aid Vi and Caitlyn in taking down Silco. You learn a little more about his relationships with Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, and Heimerdinger as well as his capacity to alter time. 

4. Heimerdinger


Jayce looks up to Heimerdinger, a Piltover counsellor and mentor. Great inventions and insight are attributed to Heimerdinger. He is probably in charge of the Piltover council as well because of his wisdom. Though initially apprehensive, Heimerdinger eventually changes his mind regarding Hextech technology.

In episode two, Heimerdinger makes his first appearance to counsel Jayce before his trial. Heimerdinger’s counsel is ignored, but Jayce values it more than anybody else’s. The series advances along with Heimerdinger’s point of view.

3. Jayce


Jayce is a main character that initially appears in Arcane’s second episode and sticks around the entire series. Vi and Jinx steal Jayce’s magical crystals at the start of the series. Hextech-related early research included these crystals. 

Unfortunately, the risk posed by his Hextech research forces him to appear before the Piltover council. As the show goes on, you see Jayce grow into a brilliant scientist, a strong leader, and perhaps even a warrior.

2. Viktor


In his champion form, Viktor seems considerably different, and through Arcane, we discover more about his terrible past. Jayce needs Viktor’s assistance to finish his Hextech study, and when the council forbids it, Viktor even prevents Jayce from losing all hope.

Viktor too suffers from a debilitating illness that Hextech might be able to treat. Viktor behaves recklessly and selfishly as a result of his quest for a cure. While you are not given a chance to witness his full form in Arcane season 1, it is frequently hinted at.

1. Vi


One of Arcane’s primary characters, Vi, has a story that echoes that of her sister Jinx, also known as Powder. Both Vi and Powder are young when the first act of the play opens. Their respective journeys radically diverge as the show goes on.

Vi was born in Zuan, became an orphan when she was young, and was later taken in by Vander. Vi spends many years in prison after Vander’s passing. Later, Caitlyn, with whom she collaborates both personally and professionally, frees her. Vi and Caitlyn are more active in law enforcement in Piltover as the story progresses. Jayce eventually gives her the Hextech Gauntlets.

And that concludes GiveMeSport’s ranked list of League of Legends Champions in Arcane.

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