Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, 66, shows he's still got it by doing a workout on the pads

  • Tom Ward
Sugar Ray Leonard boxing workout

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard showed he’s very much still got it by doing a workout on the pads – aged 66.

The legendary 66-year-old may have retired from the sport more than twenty years ago, but this video shows the old master is still up to his old tricks.

And he even threw in a few kicks and elbows there for good measure as well as his trainer held the pads for him during one of his training session to keep himself fit in retirement.

Leonard, real name Ray Charles Leonard, was filmed working out at a gym near his home in the western Pacific region of Los Angeles, after putting on a pair of boxing gloves for the first time in quite a while.

He can be seen throwing some nice combinations for a man of his age, before performing a few rather unorthodox techniques which prompted a laugh from his personal trainer.

The video has proved popular on social networks after being published on Leonard’s official Instagram account.

Journalist Michael Benson said on Twitter: “Sugar Ray Leonard on the pads at age 66 today…”

It has currently been viewed over 37,000 times at the time of writing.

WATCH: Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard showed he’s very much still got it by doing a workout on the pads at the age of 66

Check out the video below…

Leonard, who was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1997, won gold in the super-lightweight division at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

In an exclusive interview with World Boxing Council earlier this year, Leonard admitted that he ‘would not have been here’ if it wasn’t for the sweet science.

He said: “I would not have been here and possibly would not be alive. Boxing allowed my father to live to the age of 95.

“When I came back from the Olympics, I was in a coma and needed medical attention. I talked to my mentor, Janks Morton, who advised me to go pro. Boxing was a dream come true, and boxing is my life.

“Boxing is a friend. It’s music to my ears. It’s a great feeling.

“You see the transformation of mind, body and spirit. The anticipation of it. It’s a sign of life. 

“These are the things I miss. I don’t fight anymore, but I’ll never stop hitting the bag and moving.

“Boxing is life, and fighting is life. The key is to be tough, but also to be smart. You have to listen to your body.”

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