Deshaun Watson's legal team seeking one last push to allow Browns QB to play in 2022

Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson and his legal team have taken the next step when it comes to their appeal over his suspension with the NFL.

The case with Deshaun Watson and the allegations against him of sexual assault is one that seemingly isn’t going to end anytime soon. Even though the Cleveland Browns quarterback was handed down a six-game suspension by Judge Sue L. Robinson, that didn’t seem to sit well with the league.

The NFLPA (the NFL Player’s Association, who represents players in legal matters suc has this), had put out a statement in advance of the ruling by the judge stating that they would not appeal the decision, and called on the NFL to do the same.

However, with the NFL making it clear throughout the proceedings that they were pushing for something longer, be it a year-long suspension or even an indefinite one, it was no surprise to see the league go against the NFLPA’s wishes and appeal the decision, which will ultimately be made by the league itself in the form of former New Jersey Attorney General Peter C. Harvey, who has been picked by the league to preside over the latest stage of the process. 

What’s happening now?

The belief is the league will eventually get to suspend Watson for the year, which either makes the first few stages sort of irrelevant or gives both sides a base agreement to work with, depending on how you view the matter.

In the meanwhile though, Watson’s future is up in the air. As things stand, he is still set to play some part this season, and got his first taste of playing for the Browns this past weekend when they took on the Jacksonville Jaguars in a preseason game, although it might have been best if he stayed at home as he could only muster 1-5 for 7 yards.

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That was done on the off chance that he still plays this season so he can get used to his teammates, but of course if he’s out for the year, then there’s no need to play him anymore and give the duties to those who will in the form of Jacoby Brissett, Joshua Dobbs and Josh Rosen.

However, the move might pay off after all. 

One last push?

As per Browns reporter Mary Kay Cabot at, “Deshaun Watson’s camp is actively negotiating a settlement on his discipline under the personal conduct policy with the NFL, and a deal could be reached soon that gets him on the field this season.”

It further notes that “While Watson and the Browns await designee Peter C. Harvey’s ruling on the NFL’s appeal of Watson’s six-game suspension under the personal conduct policy, the two sides have continued to negotiate terms of his discipline.”

So it seems as though, even if the NFL are willing to play judge, jury and executioner on this, Watson’s team haven’t given up on the idea of him playing this year, and a final verdict could be reached before too long, you just have to hope that it’s not too long so that it doesn’t throw the Browns’ plans into chaos any further.

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