Former Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown rips Tom Brady over his preseason 'absence'

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has taken to Twitter to express his anger over the perceived double standards in the league following Tom Brady’s absence. 

Tom Brady is currently away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for what is being classified as ‘personal reasons’, and whilst there has been some confusion as to why he is taking this time away from the team, head coach Todd Bowles has stated that the absence was pre-arranged with the team.

So whilst it might be a little bit weird to see Brady away from the team this close to the season, it isn’t something that has taken the team completely by surprise and it looks as if we can all get on with our lives without having to worry about what is going on in Brady’s life.

That message though hasn’t made its way to the brain of one of Brady’s teammates Antonio Brown, who has been left rather angry at the reports over Brady’s absence.

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Not the sharpest tool in the shed

There are two sides to the story when you think about Brown and his time in the NFL, there is the player who put up over 13,000 yards and 89 touchdowns as a wide receiver, or there is the man who suffered from numerous behaviour issues and was last seen on a football field shirtless as he stormed away from the Buccaneers sideline in their penultimate game of the 2021 regular season:

And it seems as though that second side of him is coming out once again as he let loose on the fact that Brady was allowed to skip some preseason work:

Antonio Brown tweet

Now in fairness, when you’ve achieved as much in the game as Brady has, and at the age he is, he gets the flexibility to more or less create his own schedule. And perhaps if Brown hadn’t gone so far off the rails during his career and carried on the pace he was at, then he might be on a team and in the position to choose his own schedule as well.

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