Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker splits opinion with practice antics

Justin Tucker dancing

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has caused something of a split between fans as a result of his recent antics at practice.

When it comes to discussing the greatest at any one position, there isn’t really an exact science to the method. Do you go on accomplishments, is it the eye test, is it purely the stats? When it comes to kickers though, it’s a lot easier to work out. How accurate are they, and how far can they kick?

Well when it comes to Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, he has both of those qualifications in his pocket to call upon as arguably the greatest kicker to play the game. He holds the record for field goal percentage with a rate of 91.061% and also holds the record for longest field goal in NFL history with his 66-yard kick against the Detroit Lions last year.

But when his career in the NFL is over, then a stint on Dancing With The Stars might be next on his agenda. 

Getting down and griddy 

One of the bigger bits of news that has hit the NFL gaming community this season has been the introduction of ‘The Griddy’ as a celebration dance, with the viral dance also being included in a couple of other EA Sports games heading into the season.

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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

New England Patriots

The dance has been popular in the NFL for a while now, with Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson arguably the most notable performer.

And now Tucker has become the latest player to perform it when making his entrance ahead of a recent practice session for the Ravens:

What are they saying?

Now kickers aren’t exactly known as the coolest players on the team, somewhat off to the side until the team needs them, but when you’re a big name and have achieved as much as Tucker, there’s a little bit more recognition and importance attached to your name.

But that recognition didn’t do him any favours as opinion about him appears to be rather split on social media after people saw him doing the dance:

Justin Tucker tweets 1
Justin Tucker tweets 2
Justin Tucker tweets 3

We personally think he pulled it off rather well, and honestly wouldn’t be against it if he were to break it out as a field goal or extra point celebration during a game.

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