Madden 23: Offensive tips every beginner should know

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The hype around Madden 23 is guaranteed to have gotten new players, and they may not know how to play the game.

Fear not because thanks to EA, we have some beginner tips to help you with your offence. Madden 23 is set to launch in one day, on the 19th of August, and we simply cannot wait for this global release.

A lot of information has been shared about the game, from gameplay trailers, features ratings, and the works! Madden 23 will be officially released on PS4PS5Xbox One and Xbox Series, and PC. 

The game can be quite tricky, it is always nice to have a guide to go back to now and then to brush up on your offence. Scroll down to see what we have.

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Madden 23: Offensive beginner tips

With the help of this Madden 23 beginner’s tips, you will learn all the basic techniques and winning you need to dominate on the field.

Here’s how you can catch the ball

  • Hold Y/Triangle for Aggressive Catch
  • Hold X/Square for RAC Catch (running catch)
  • Hold A/X for Possession Catch (falls to the ground to secure catch)
  • Press nothing = auto-catch

How to hot route

According to Madden School, you can change a receiver’s route from whatever his default route is to one of your choosing by using hot routes.

Exceptional Madden gamers call every play in the game using hot routes. Use the below:

  • Before the snap, press Y/Triangle then press the receiver button icon of the receiver you want to hot route.
  • When the hot route menu appears, select the route you want with a direction flick of the Right Stick (RS)
Madden 23

How to intercept

Here, one of the receivers receives a deep pass from the quarterback.

  • Intercept = Hold Y/Triangle as the defender to Play Ball

How to tackle

What’s an offensive play without a tackle or two? Find out how to do so below:

  • Hold A/X for a conservative ‘Breakdown Tackle’
  • Press X/Square for an aggressive dive tackle
  • Flick Right Stick up when in range of ball carrier to hit stick
  • Flick Right Stick down when in range to cut stick (take Ball carrier’s legs out)

How to dive

Gain a few extra inches with a dive, here’s how you can dive into victory:

  • Press X/Square on defence for dive tackle
  • Press and hold X/Square to dive as the ball carrier
  • Tap X/Square to ‘give up/slide’ as the ball carrier
  • The diving catch is contextual on Y/Triangle & A/X
  • When the hot route menu appears, select the route you want with a direction flick of the Left Stick (LS) or Right Stick (RS)
Madden NFL 23

You can find the rest of the offensive beginner tips on the EA website. We have shared what we think are the basic ones a beginner needs to know as they begin their Madden 23 journey. We’ll also share defensive tips.

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