Fortnite: All you need to know about joining a versus battle

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z

The current season of Fortnite has seen the introduction of numerous iconic crossovers, including Naruto, Indiana Jones and Darth Vader. One that is still fresh, which came this week, is Fortnite’s collaboration with Dragon Ball.

The collab brought along fresh updates, challenges, quests, events, and rewards to the island. In addition to all of that, we also saw the introduction of versus boards, that let you team up with an opponent in a Versus Battle.

To begin a versus battle, you must locate one of the several versus boards scattered over the map. The new versus boards can be found where the old bounty boards were previously found because they have taken their place.

In this piece we will cover everything you need to know about the battle and how to join it, so scroll down for more information.

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How to join Fortnite versus battle

In a Fortnite Versus Battle, you will face off against another player to see who is the strongest on the island.

It costs 75 Gold Bars to start a versus battle, thus you must leap at one of the versus board points scattered throughout the map. Reliable Fortnite news source, Fortnite Insider has shared all the versus boards locations.

Versus Battle boards location - Credit Fortnite Insider

You and your opponent will both appear on each other’s maps once you start a match, and you will have five minutes to take out your opponent and gain XPs.

How you take your opponent down is entirely up to you. The same applies to your opponent. In this case, outlasting your opponent is sufficient because the battle is more about outlasting them than about being the one to kill them.

As you may know from the challenges that came with the collab, versus battles are necessary for several Power Unleashed quests, thus if you want to maximize your power level and chances, you should participate in them frequently.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z Collab - Goku and Vegeta

If you can complete every quest as listed out, you will earn yourself all the seven Dragon Balls.

The versus boards will probably be available until the beginning of Season 4. Fortnite is available at this very moment and is playable on the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

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