Tower of Fantasy: How to get the unicorn power core, bionic frame, cyberlimbs & head

Complete Monocross mount in Tower of Fantasy

Here we have a guide on how to obtain the Unicorn Power Core, Bionic Frame, Cyberlimbs and Head in Tower of Fantasy. More on this below.

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world RPG which can literally take hours to explore, which is why players need to start crafting together vehicles in order to explore other areas and landmarks. Naturally, the creators of the game haven’t made it easy to unlock some of these vehicles – as they’re an integral part of the game.

Players will need to travel far and wide in order to find parts that make up a vehicle, and one of the more popular ones to craft in the game is the Monocross Mount, in which you will need to obtain the Unicorn Power Core, Bionic Frame, Cyberlimbs, and Head.

So how do you find all of these? Don’t worry – we have you covered.

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How to get Unicorn Power Core in Tower of Fantasy

Unicorn Power Core in Tower of Fantasy

Before you can obtain a Unicorn Power Core, you’ll first need to learn how to cook a Fiddlehead pie. This pie can be baked with two Fiddleheads and brown rice. Food recipes can either be unlocked by purchasing them in exchange for gold or if you’re short of cash- players can also create them in the Cooker.

Once the pie has been made, make your way to coordinates “287, 280” and collect the Shiny Residue at the location. Make sure both the pie and the residue are in your inventory and then head to the stocker, who is based at coordinates “449, 280.”

Your conversation with the stocker will lead you to coordinates “287, 280” where you’ll need to adjust the Conversion Devices’ gears correctly. You’ll be able to get a Unicorn Power Core after the gears are in order.

This is definitely the most lengthy process – so don’t worry it’s simpler from here.

How to get Unicorn Bionic Frame in Tower of Fantasy

The Bionic Frame is located inside a hidden base. You need to take the following steps in order to obtain it.

  • Make your way to the coordinates of “605, -1115.”
  • Climb up the base’s roof and enter from the top.
  • Enter the password which is 7092.
  • The Bionic Frame should be inside the supply pod.

How to get Unicorn Cyberlimbs in Tower of Fantasy

Monocross Mount in Tower of Fantasy

The Unicorn Cyberlimbs are also inside a supply pod. Players will need to make their way to the coordinates of “929, -409” to find the pod, which will be on top of a cliff. Open it and you’ve collected the Cyberkimbs. Simple as.

How to get Unicorn Head in Tower of Fantasy

This one is a little different. Though the first three pieces can be collected whenever you want, you’ll need luck on your side to find yourself a Unicorn Head in the Tower of Fantasy.

This item can be dropped from Devotees with a low chance. This means it may take a while for players to find the final piece of the Monocross mount.

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