FIFA 22: Erling Haaland's Manchester City card added to concepts

Erling Haaland of Manchester City salutes the travelling fans

Manchester City‘s new boy, Erling Haaland has finally been added into concepts as a City player in FIFA 22. More on this below.

Erling Haaland is set to take the Premier League by absolute storm this season. The Norwegian powerhouse of a forward has started life at Man City brilliantly thus far. He has two goals and one assist in two games so far in the league and we can only see him going from strength to strength throughout the season.

In a FIFA sense, we anticipate that Haaland will be one of the greatest strikers not just in the Premier League, but in the entirety of FIFA 23. He is due another upgrade next season and with the new features such as a newly implemented power shot, we think that the 22-year-old will be mega overpowered.

But right now FIFA 22 is still going strong, and it appears that EA have been busy adding new transfers to the database – with an Erling Haaland Manchester City card being one of the latest to appear in concepts.

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Erling Haaland’s Manchester City card in FIFA 22

Erling Haaland concept card for Manchester City in FIFA 22

So here he is, the confirmation that Erling Haaland now has a Manchester City card coming to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Unfortunately, the card that is released will only be his base card – meaning he’ll be way behind the power curve, however, the introduction of this card does open up some possibilities for a few things in the near future.

Right now we’re in the midst of the FUTTIES promo where EA has been releasing some absolutely insane cards with super juiced stats as SBCs for players to complete within the game.

The introduction of Haaland into concepts means that we could be seeing EA release an SBC card for him, which would contain some simply ridiculous stats whilst also now being based in the Premier League with Manchester City – which is excellent for squad-building opportunities.

It would surely be a wasted opportunity to not give Haaland a stacked card from EA as FIFA 22 is hitting the end of its lifecycle and many players are starting to lose interest with the new title of FIFA 23 being so near – which is due to be released on the 30th September 2022.

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