Fall Guys: 10 Best Patterns

Fall Guys Patterns

Since Fall Guys have so many entertaining patterns, we’ve chosen to pick the top ten that will make your bean look cool while you play the game.

It’s difficult for any player to commit when there are so many sophisticated, or just stupid options to use for dressing your beans.

Although the game underwent a significant shift when it switched to freemium in June 2022, the fact remains that some patterns are simply cooler than others.

Some of these patterns might be extremely expensive in terms of kudos, while others are protected by crowns, which are given to players who continue through entire Shows to become the top Guy.

To help you earn all of your upcoming crowns in style, we examined all of the patterns from Fall Guys’ previous seasons and identified the greatest creative options for you.

10 Best Patterns in Fall Guys

Below is GiveMeSport’s top 10 ranking of the best patterns in Fall Guys from worst to best.

10. Pop Art

Pop Art

The Pop Art pattern is a Crown Rank pattern, making it extremely difficult to acquire and, without a doubt, the reason it’s an epic rarity and worth 339 Crowns. From the head of your character, this pattern has an Andy Warhol-like gradual gradient that fades into dots of various colours. Given that it’s artwork and looks beautiful in every colour, this is one of the best gradients and patterns overall.

9. Wave Gradient

Wave Gradient

Wave Gradient is one of the nicest patterns despite being simply a Rare one thanks to its original and beautiful features. It looks like a wave washing over the shore or like your character is being painted from top to bottom. No matter how you use it, the colours naturally merge well together due to their gradient appearance.

8. Shake and Swirl

Shake & Swirl

When you level up on the Season 1 Pass to level 74, you receive the Shake and Swirl, an uncommon pattern. It is, as its name suggests, a whirlwind of hues that converge at the back to reveal a cold shake. Even if it’s simply a Rare pattern, wearing it on the courses makes you stand out and looks excellent in any hue. Shake and Swirl would be ideal for a summertime design that is whimsical and conjures up images of an ice cream shop or a carnival.

7. Avocado


It makes sense that one of the greatest patterns should be the avocado as the characters are formed like the ideal egg-like avocado. When a player reaches level 81 of the season pass, they can access this pattern for free. This pattern was a part of the debut season. Your character is transformed into a cute little avocado by this pattern, however, it would probably be easier to recognize if it were dyed in green. Otherwise, it might resemble the egg pattern somewhat.

6. Skelly


Despite being rare, the Skelly is one of the best patterns. It turned your character into a lovely little skeletal bean during Season 1 and cost 300 Show-Bucks. Although you can design this pattern in any colour you like, black and white would make for the finest creepy, frightening skeleton pattern. You might be able to scare the rivals away.

5. Scanlines

Scan Lines

One of the harder patterns to complete during the fourth season was the Scanlines epic rarity pattern. Though its thin and thick lines appear straightforward, they combine to form a complex pattern that spells out Fall Guys across the body of your figure. This is among the greatest due to its rarity, simplicity, and superior aesthetic appeal in all colours.

4. Sprinkle Top

Sprinkle Top

When you have levelled up in the Season 1 Pass to level 65, you can unlock this Sprinkle Top pattern, which is the ideal delicious look for your character. Your character has a solid colour at the top that eventually transitions into tiny sprinkles streaming down the remainder of their body. With a few colour changes, you may give your character a fun, summery, or party-like vibe with this adorable pattern.

3. Hoodie


The first season featured an uncommon Hoodie pattern that cost 300 Show-Bucks to purchase. With the hood drawn over the head and a lovely bow to tie off the neck, it conceals the entire bottom half of your character. This pattern is fantastic not only because it is adorable, but also because, like the T-Shirt and other top patterns, it may be worn as a complete costume by itself.

2. Knitted


Attained during Season 3, the comfortable Knitted pattern is unlocked by levelling up to 25. This design completely envelops your character in what seems to be a fluffy sweater body suit. It is the ideal holiday or winter pattern and looks fantastic in blues, reds, and greens. Or wear it whenever you want to look cheery.

1. Undies 


Because of the quality of its costume, the Undies pattern is not only a funny choice but also one of the best patterns. During the Season 1 Pass, it was a rare pattern that was accessible. It is an outfit in and of itself, just like the pants and t-shirt patterns, so if you don’t have the money to outfit your character, this is all you’d need. It fits your character perfectly and looks stupid but adorable in any colour.

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