Tower of Fantasy: Can you delete your character?

Character in Tower of Fantasy

Can you delete your character in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a fast-paced action adventure RPG set in a wide-open world. The newly released title has similar ‘Genshin Impact‘ vibes and has been massively popular following its release.

The open-world RPG is set hundreds of years in the future on a planet known as Aida, you are there as your homeworld is uninhabitable after humankind went through all of its resources, sucking the planet dry. For the good of your people, you must learn to survive this world, so that humanity can flourish once more.

You do so by selecting a character and exploring the vast world with your friends, collecting many things and taking on many missions along the way. But what happens if you’re not happy with the character you picked at the beginning of the game? Is it possible to delete it and start again?

We’ve got you covered. With this – can you delete your character in Tower of Fantasy?

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How to delete your character in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy art

Sadly, there is no specific procedure that players can follow if they wish to delete the character and start over. This is a shame as sometimes players pick characters on a whim and then later regret their decision.

However – never fear as there are alternatives that you can do in order to reset your character.

These are as follows:

Choose a different server

The first method is choosing a completely different server. There are currently 116 servers across five regions, meaning you certainly have plenty to go at. However, this method means that you will no longer be able to play with your friends on your original server. So if this is a problem, we’d suggest our second option.

Choose/make a different account

The second method is for those who wish to keep playing on the same server with their friends. To do so, simply make a new account and log in with this to continue wandering with your pals! Simple as.

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