Raiders, Bears, Patriots: Top ten NFL franchise values revealed as Dallas Cowboys hit $8bn

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The Dallas Cowboys have made history, although not for anything that is happening on the field, as they have been named as the most valuable franchise in the NFL once again. 

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot going for them right now. Head coach Mike McCarthy looks to be taking them in the right direction as a team, they have some promising young players in the form of Micah Parsons on defence and CeeDee Lamb on offense.

However, that Super Bowl title still eludes them, as they haven’t lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy since the 1995 season. But just because they haven’t been successful on the field, doesn’t mean that they aren’t having a major impact off it. 

With one of the best businessmen in America in Jerry Jones leading the way, the Cowboys have become a true force when it comes to how a team can generate money, starting off with AT&T Stadium, which cost $1.3bn to build and was opened in 2009. 

Raking it in

And as a result, hey find themselves at the top of the tree once again. Forbes have recently produced their valuations for the highest-valued teams in the NFL, and one is significant, as the Cowboys have become the first team to be valued at $8bn. 

1 of 10

In what year did Jerry Jones take over the Dallas Cowboys?

Now the NFL is always growing in terms of revenue, with TV contracts ever-growing, additional income streams developing with the likes of streaming, huge new stadiums popping up every few years, new opportunities for merchandise, ticket prices etc, and as a result, NFL teams are always likely to be the most valuable in global sports, let alone North America.

But just where do the teams stand when it comes to their value? We know that the Cowboys are number one, but who rounds off the top ten? According to Forbes, this is how the rest of the NFL shapes up: 

10 – Philadelphia Eagles – $4.9bn

9 – Las Vegas Raiders – $5.1bn

8 – San Francisco 49ers – $5.2bn

7 – New York Jets – $5.4bn

6 – Washington Commanders – $5.6bn

5 – Chicago Bears – $5.8bn

4 – New York Giants – $6bn

3 – Los Angeles Rams $6.2bn

2 – New England Patriots – $6.4bn

1 – Dallas Cowboys – $8bn

Looking at that list, and just how far ahead the Cowboys are, you imagine that, barring some disaster or significant change from one of the teams below them, that top spot is going to stay with the Cowboys for the foreseeable future and maybe even until the end of time.

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