KSI vs Swarmz & Pineda: Deen the Great fails with backflip celebration

KSI vs Swarmz & Pineda: Deen the Great fails with backflip celebration

Deen the Great was left red-faced after hilariously messing up his post-fight celebration last night.

The social media influencer had just beaten Evil Hero at the O2 Arena. Taking to the middle of the ring to receive the audience’s adulation, he attempted a backflip, which proved to be too ambitious for the YouTube star.

It was clear he had misjudged his flight; not able to abort, he ended up landing on his knees and face.

He tried to laugh off the incident, but the grimace on his face was that of a man who had just made himself the subject of a viral moment.

Naturally, social media was quick to react to the embarrassing moment.

One fan laughed: “He should’ve just done a rolley polley I dunno who he’s tryna impress.”

Another said: “He thought he was Aubameyang.”

The Barcelona striker is known for his trademark front flip goal celebration.

Fighting on the undercard of KSI’s bout against Luis Alcaraz Pineda, Deen the Great and Evil Hero had initially been scheduled to kick-off proceedings.

However, the Briton’s decision to fight twice on the same night meant his fight with rapper Swarmz came first.

KSI was able to secure victory with ease, inflicting a second round KO on his first rival.

The social media influencer returned to the ring to face Pineda and dispatched the Mexican, who had previously won two professional fights, too. Having said that, you wouldn’t have been able to tell on last night’s showing. He was simply dreadful.

One of the most memorable moments of the night, however, came when KSI’s younger brother Deji secured his first win after losing his first three bouts.

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