Apex Legends Season 14: Game passes half a million concurrent players

Apex Legends Season 13

Apex Legends hit a new minimum daily peak of players on Steam in August during Season 14.

The game broke the 500,000 mark when it came to concurrent users last month.

But SteamDB now lists Apex Legends’ minimum daily peak at 435,299, which is a pretty staggering number for the battle royale game.

Apex Legends also has an all-time peak number of 511,676, which may only increase as new seasons are released down the line.

SteamDB also estimates how many players own Apex Legends; at this point, they believe that a minimum of 10 million players own the game, and a maximum of 100 million have it.

There is also an average total playtime of 95.4 hours for those who do have the game, a big number that is usually reserved for big RPGs such as Elden Ring and Dark Souls.

Of course, these figures are only available for players who are launching the game through Steam and do not count for those who have Apex Legends downloaded on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 or Xbox One.

As a result, one can assume that the game has a remarkable amount of players overall.

Apex Legends

As per the PC Gamer write-up, Apex’s player count is actually climbing each and every month, as opposed to dwindling.

Most games peak in the first month of their release, but Apex Legends is doing the opposite and is continually bolstering its player base.

Season 14: Hunted has been a remarkable success, then, since its release in August, on the ninth, and there are a number of new features included in the latest season.

It added a new Legend by the name of Vantage, updated Kings Canyon, added a laser sight attachment, and increased the overall level cap.

The current season is due to end in November, and it remains to be seen how Season 15 will go down with players.

However, one has to think that more and more will be jumping on the Apex bandwagon and diving into the battle royale as the month’s progress.

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