Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: Michael Bisping warns Paul about ‘backfire’


Michael Bisping has issued a warning to Jake Paul regarding his upcoming boxing match against Anderson Silva.

As was confirmed earlier this week, Jake Paul is set to take on his biggest test yet since entering the world of pro boxing when he faces Anderson Silva this October in Phoenix, Arizona.

While Silva may be in his late 40s, the former UFC middleweight champion has proven in his own transition to the squared circle that he has what it takes to cause some serious damage inside the boxing ring.

Of course, Paul is the younger man and potentially even the more powerful of the two, raising plenty of questions regarding how this encounter may go down.

Someone who knows what it feels like to compete against ‘The Spider’ is none other than Michael Bisping, who offered Paul some advice about fighting Anderson during a video uploaded to his YouTube channel.

“He probably thinks he has no power, he’s gonna find out that isn’t the case. Anderson when you look at him seems kind of weak and skinny, he’s very strong, he’s way bigger in person than what you think he is.”

“This might be a gamble. The reason Jake has took this is because of the name value, and because it will sell. It should sell, it’s not guaranteed, because Anderson isn’t who he used to be. But he thinks this is the formula he’s had all along.

“I think Jake thinks this ticks all those boxes, but this might blow up and backfire in his f***ing face.”

The Count rises

Michael Bisping, who had previously been linked with a showdown against Jake Paul himself, fought Anderson Silva all the way back in 2016. ‘The Count’ went to war with Silva in the main event of UFC London and despite being dropped, the Englishman was able to push through and eventually secure a decision victory.

A lot has changed since that night and Anderson may not be the same competitor he once was, but there’s a reason why this fight against ‘The Problem Child’ is garnering so much interest already.

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