Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: 'Sharp' training footage emerges of UFC legend

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva, former UFC Middleweight Champion, continues his boxing career on October 29 in Phoenix, Arizona against Jake Paul.

Since leaving UFC in November 2020, the “Spider” has returned to professional boxing with a pair of victories and now goes up against Paul at the end of next month.

Paul first came to prominence as a YouTuber, however he has now been boxing for several years and has compiled a record of 5-0 – with three of those wins coming over MMA champions in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Despite this, many still question Paul’s abilities, therefore some may feel this puts a lot of pressure on a successful and experienced campaigner like Silva.

Anderson Silva not concerned about tarnishing his legacy

Silva, however, puts a different spin on things. Speaking to MMA Junkie he said:

“Definitely not, definitely not,” when asked if his legacy is at risk against Paul.

“I came here to do my best. I’m training hard every day, and fighters’ fight. You have two fighters inside the ring. Two fighters have 50 percent to win. I have 50 percent and Jake has 50 percent.

Anderson Silva is a former UFC middleweight champion

“It doesn’t matter if people say, ‘Oh, it’s not a real fighter or not.’ But when you go inside the ring, you don’t go to stop, you go to kill, you go to die. That’s the point.”

Silva has certainly been putting in the training, and videos have emerged on social media of him looking in great shape for a 47-year-old.

Footage of Anderson Silva in training for Jake Paul fight

The video mainly shows Silva working on his technique, which after he has spent most of his career in MMA, will be key to his development as a boxer.

One fan commented: “His footwork is not the greatest from a strictly boxing perspective but what does transfer over well is he has great head and upper body movement that keeps him in the pocket to counter.”

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva
YouTube star Jake Paul will take on UFC legend Anderson Silva in a boxing match in Arizona on October 29

And another feels that taking on the “Spider” will provide a step up in class for Paul: “Anderson has the movement of a boxer, which most of Jakes previous opponents didn’t have.

“But Anderson is still obviously a lot slower than the younger professionals in the game today. Jake will never beat a real top-level professional.”

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: Everything you need to know

However, those commenting on the Brazilian’s speed, purely from this training video, are overlooking the fact that the aim of those sessions was technique:

“Anybody doubting his speed is wild lol he’s practicing technique” was one fan’s reply to such comments.
Silva himself appears to be happy with how his training is going.

Video: Anderson Silva in training ahead of Jake Paul fight

He refused to be drawn into predicting the outcome of the fight but promised that he would fight “very, very hard” and that fans would see a ‘different Anderson’.

There is no doubting that Silva who holds the record for the longest title reign in UFC history at 2,457 days, is an MMA all-time great.

It is clear that his still has his competitive hunger and, despite being in his mid-forties, looks in great condition.

Time will tell how well he can make the transition to boxing. In the case of Paul, time will tell as to how far he can take his boxing career.

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