Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Randy Orton: 10 greatest pure WWE Superstars ranked

Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Randy Orton: 10 greatest pure WWE Superstars ranked

The WWE seemingly has a nearly infinite amount of cash.

They’ve been the top dogs in the wrestling world for as long as anyone can remember and through their prolonged success they’ve built up some incredible resources.

They’re known for raiding the independent scene in order to find and recruit the biggest and best performers and, due to their financial advantage and reputation, they usually get who they want.

Though, what’s less common is WWE creating a home-grown star. Someone with little to no professional wrestling experience prior to signing with WWE who then goes on to superstardom.

Yet, there’s still many successful cases of Vince McMahon’s company building someone from the ground up.

Now, thanks to a list published by WhatCulture, here are 10 famous examples of WWE producing their own stars.

10 Greatest Pure WWE Wrestlers

10 – The Miz

The Miz is an absolute staple of WWE today, though, it’s fair to say that this was never really supposed to happen. He came in off the back of appearing in a reality show which didn’t go down well with the majority of the WWE roster. There are the famous stories of The Miz having to get changed in the hallway, but, through hard work and consistency, he’s even accumulated eight intercontinental title reigns.

The Miz makes the list
The Miz makes the list

9 – Trish Stratus

When you think of women’s wrestling, it isn’t long before you think of Trish Stratus. It’s incredible to hear that she had no experience prior to starting with WWE, but Trish was scouted as a fitness model. Everyone remembers her matches with Lita and she’s even brought back today as a special attraction. Deservedly, she is a WWE Hall of Famer.

8 – D’Lo Brown

This entry into the list may not have the same aura as some of the others, but D’Lo was a safe pair of hands who was useful in WWE and TNA. He even had a stint as an ally and then rival of AJ Styles. Brown paid his dues to the wrestling business and proved to be a worthy investment for WWE.

7 – Bianca Belair

The current Raw Women’s Champion has always seemed destined for the top in WWE. She was spotted by Mark Henry as an exceptional track and field athlete and she’s proven to have the ability to be a star in the sports entertainment business. She has a great gimmick and is really likeable, she’ll have plenty more years of success ahead of her.

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Bastion Booger WWE

Can you name this obscure WWE Superstar from the 1990s?

6 – Randy Orton

You might be surprised to see the WWE’s Apex Predator not crack the top half of the list, but that only speaks to the quality of the other entries. Orton is a third generation Superstar, but he has surpassed his previous family legacy. He keeps finding new ways of inventing himself, from the Legend Killer to him shaving his head and becoming a psycho heel in the late 2000s. He’s been The Authority’s main man and is currently aligned with Riddle in a white hot tag team.

5 – Brock Lesnar

‘The Next Big Thing’ really fulfilled his potential. He had the physique and power to be placed on the fast track to success in WWE. He became an awesome main event star and, after leaving the industry to pursue other ventures, he returned as an even bigger star. He’s held many world titles and became the one in 21-1 when he broke The Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak.

4 – The Rock

You don’t get called ‘The Great One’ without being a success, though, many fans will remember that it took a few tries to get there. Originally known as Rocky Maiva, Dwayne Johnson had to overcome some pretty rough times to get to his main event stage, but his overwhelming charisma drove him to the very top.

3 – Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

Debuting as part of arguably the greatest WWE faction of all time The Shield, Roman was always supposed to make it. His Shield teammates Rollins and Ambrose had a lot of experience on the indies, where Reigns did not. The company didn’t get his presentation right once The Shield had split, but today he is undoubtedly the top star in the company as ‘The Tribal Chief’ and has held the Universal Championship for two years.

2 – Charlotte Flair

The penultimate wrestler on this list is Charlotte Flair. You may have thought that she was always going to be a star given her last name, but that can be directly contrasted to David Flair. Charlotte was far more athletic and charismatic, she came through NXT and has won many championships. She’ll always get slack for her position in the company due to her family history, but there’s no doubting the fact that she’s worked hard and deserves every accolade.

1 – Kurt Angle

The Olympic Hero joining WWE was a match made in heaven. He is a serious wrestling machine, but has room for some hilarious comedy. He can do almost anything and is one of the greatest of all time, solely produced by WWE based on his impressive record in freestyle wrestling. The ‘you suck’ chants can be heard to this day as a mark of respect to just how good Angle was, with the chant an endearing reminder of some of his best moments.

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