AEW: New ROH Pure Champion crowned on Dynamite

AEW Dynamite had multiple title matches on what was a stacked card. However, a huge main event for the ROH Pure Championship saw the title change hands as a new champion was crowned.

The main event saw ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta defend his championship against Daniel Garcia under Pure rules.

The rules of every ROH Pure Championship match consist of:

. Every bout begins and ends with the Code Of Honor handshake.

. Both competitors only have three rope breaks.

. No closed fist punches

. 20 Count when a wrestler is on the floor instead of a 10.

. Outside interference results in immediate termination

. The championship can change hands via disqualification.

Yuta would have to step foot in Garcia’s backyard of Buffalo, New York, as he looked to capture the title after failing to do so in his first attempt at ROH’s Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view.

Both men began the bout with neither able to gain momentum of the match with numerous standstills.

Yuta would be the person to break the deadlock and shift the momentum in his favour after cracking Garcia with a diving lariat off the top turnbuckle.

Garcia would shift the match into his favour after throwing Garcia onto his shoulders with a sickening avalanche German suplex followed up with a superplex, focusing his gameplan on the damaged lower back of Yuta.

Garcia looked to put Yuta away and become the new ROH Pure Champion by locking in the Dragon Slayer submission hold, but Yuta would counter by getting Garcia in a headlock and reversing it into a crossface.

However, good scouting from Garcia saw him lock in the Dragon Slayer once more, but this time, Yuta was unable to escape and forced to tap out, crowning Garcia as the new ROH Pure Champion.

Post-match saw Bryan Danielson emerge to the ring to shake Garcia’s hand alongside Yuta and then put the title around his waist, much to the shock of JAS leader Chris Jericho who watched from the stage as Danielson lifted Garcia’s arm in victory.

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