Paddy Pimblett submits 10 Marines in a row in epic video

Paddy Pimblett has been taking the UFC world by storm in the last 12 months or so, rising from a generic cage fighter to becoming one of the bigger names in the Octagon.

The Scouser, known as The Baddy, has a record of 19-3-0, including a 3-0 record in UFC, with none of his fights lasting longer than two rounds.

He opened his UFC account in September last year, knocking out Luigi Vendramini in the first round. He followed that up with a submission win in the first round over Kazula Vargas thanks to a rear naked choke. The same type of submission saw him defeat Jordan Leavitt but this time in the second round.

Inbetween fights

No secret has been made about the drastic weight gain Pimblett succumbs to when not training for fights, although he always returns to peak physical condition for his next clash in the Octagon after a gruelling workout spell and diet.

Currently, The Baddy doesn’t have a fight lined up, although he is back in full training in preparation for taking on another competitor in the Octagon.

Paddy Pimblett standing in the UFC octagon ahead of his UFC London fight with Jordan Leavitt
Muhammad Mokaev thinks Paddy Pimblett is a bad influence on the younger generation

Current training

Paddy The Baddy has been out on America’s West Coast as he follows his current training regime, visiting Camp Pendleton in Virginia, home of the Marines.

To be a Marine, you have to be incredibly fit and strong, with joining the army no easy feat, so what does Paddy do? Take on 10 Marines consecutively.

After each ‘fight’ the next Marine jumps in and takes over. Some fared better than others, but all succumbed to Pimblett’s skill on the floor, with him forcing all 10 to tap out in a row, now that’s a ridiculous achievement from the Scouser!

Video: Watch Paddy Pimblett make 10 Marines tap out

After taking out all 10 of the Marines, Paddy sits and talks to them about various topics, although instantly after finishing, he was absolutely spent, and who can blame him?

He stood up and stated: “I have the balance of a ballerina lad and weigh like a f*****g sumo wrestler. You know what I mean, I’m a weirdo lad, proper weirdo. F*****g hell lad yous have made me do a big crazy circuit then I’ve f*****g rolled every one of yous. What the f**k boys? Meant to be doing a three mile run today, it’s not happening now. Lad this has been one of my hardest workouts this week, you gang of big b******s.”

Video: Paddy Pimblett’s full video of the session

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