Pittsburgh Steelers: Big report emerges about Kenny Pickett's role this season

Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett could be set for a long wait to become the next quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers according to a report from Jay Glazer. 

Kenny Pickett has had something of a ‘Golden Child’ aura about him when it pertains to the quarterback role of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He grew up supporting the team, went to college at the University of Pittsburgh (who happen to share both a training facility and their home stadium with) and after his performances last year for the Pitt Panthers, was drafted by the Steelers to be their heir-apparent to Ben Roethlisberger.

Although quite when he was going to take over the starting role has for some time been up for debate. Following the signing of Mitch Trubisky in free agency, it was believed that he would take over the starting role to begin with before the team began to transition to Pickett in the future.

But then a funny thing happened in the preseason. Even though Pickett was highly experienced as a result of his college days, starting more than 50 games and being the starter for four years, as a rookie there is always a question when it comes to transitioning to the professional level as players around him get stronger, faster and smarter.

But when it came to that transition, he took to it like a duck to water. 

Pickett picks up the pace

When you look at Pickett’s numbers in the preseason and compared them to Trubisky, you could make the argument that Pickett was the better of the two of them and made a big case to be named the team’s starter:

However despite that, Trubisky was named the starter to start the year, but Pickett’s performances did perhaps leave the door open for the Steelers to transition into him later on in the season and move Trubisky to being a capable backup (as he was last season with the Buffalo Bills).

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But that transition might have to wait a little bit longer according to FOX NFL reporter Jay Glazer.

Speaking on FOX ahead of the Week 1 games in the NFL (via @awfulannouncing), Glazer claimed that the plan might be for Pickett to sit for the entire year whilst he watches and develops behind Trubisky 

Video: Jay Glazer discusses Kenny Pickett’s future with the Steelers:

Now if that was the plan, then it does make you wonder why Pickett is #2 on the depth chart ahead of Rudolph. If the plan was to sit him, you’d have him at #3 and put Rudolph there instead.

Now obviously injury can change things, or if the Steelers go through a bad spell of form and play at quarterback it might force them into a decision. But with Pickett at 24, he’s already at the age that he should be starting in the league right now, with plenty of others already established and starting by the time they reached that age.

Certainly something to keep an eye on as the season moves on.

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