Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo's FIFA 23 pace ratings cause a stir

Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo's FIFA 23 pace ratings cause a stir

The Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo debate doesn’t seem like it will ever end.

They are undoubtedly among the best footballers to ever do it, to many they are the two best of all time.

There’s no real way to tell who is better, but ever since the debate started, the majority of fans choose their side of the argument and back it to the hill.

As a whole, Messi averages a goal every 104 minutes in his career, whereas Ronaldo averages 112 minutes per goal, despite the Portuguese scoring more goals in his career. When you add assists into the mix too, Messi averages a goal contribution every 73 minutes and for Ronaldo it’s 88 minutes per goal or assist.

The Careers of Messi and Ronaldo

They’ve obviously had very different careers.

Messi came through the Barcelona youth setup after originally being scouted while playing for Newell’s Old Boys in Argentina. He famously stuck with Barcelona for 17 years after arriving in the first team back in 2004, not leaving the club until 2021. He’d have likely stayed at Camp Nou even longer if the Catalonian team didn’t fall into financial trouble.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

He now finds himself at PSG in a change no one thought was possible before it happened, yet Ronaldo has moved clubs quite a few times in his career.

He started at Sporting Lisbon before making his name at Manchester United, where he is currently having a second spell. He won multiple Champions Leagues at Real Madrid and stopped at Juventus for a few Serie A titles.

Messi vs Ronaldo on FIFA 23

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of fans who have chosen their side in the debate. Many people give their opinion on the debate and EA Sports have a yearly say through their FIFA ratings. People often have a keen eye on how the overall ratings of the two differ, but it’s interesting to take a more in-depth look at how their individual stats compare.

The conversation rages on constantly and Twitter is a common place to discuss this. In the newest attempt to compare Messi and Ronaldo, Twitter user @DaijonGordon has noticed that the two have the same pace in the new game, which they don’t think is an accurate representation of their ability.

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Video: Messi & Ronaldo’s pace compared

They share a duel clip featuring the two in separate games. Ronaldo’s clip shows him pacing forward to counter after helping defend whilst Manchester United were 3-2 up against Arsenal in the 87th minute, whilst Messi features as PSG are leading against Marseille in the 57th minute and appearing to move a lot slower.

The point made is that Ronaldo has the speed and stamina to cover the length of the pitch to join the attack. United’s game had three minutes left and the Portuguese star was still able to get to the other end of the pitch which is being directly contrasted to Messi being unable to catch up with PSG’s counter attack in the 57th minute.

It’s worth noting that Ronaldo featured in an intensely close Premier League match whilst Messi played in a PSG team that are by far better than the majority of their opponents. Messi has the quality around him with players such as Neymar and Kylian Mbappe who are able to sustain the attack without the urgent need for the Argentinian.

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Ronaldo on FIFA 19

First off, the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. But what year did he feature as the cover star?

This could mean that Messi wasn’t running at full sprint in his clip, whereas Ronaldo was more desperate to kill the game off.

There’s no doubt that the debate will go on forever and this clip is just one of many arguments one way or the other.

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