Roman Reigns: WWE fan's fantastic idea to have top star lose one of his titles

Roman Reigns is now WWE's top star

Roman Reigns is creating an issue for Triple H right now in his reign as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Recent reports from the ever-reliable WrestleVotes have claimed that WWE wants to have two champions heading into 2023, but doesn’t want to have to beat Reigns anytime soon.

This is creating a “complex” issue for WWE right now, which you can read more about by clicking here, one that Triple H is going to have to try and find a solution for.

What is WWE’s issue with Roman Reigns right now?

Over the last few weeks, fans have been coming up with ideas for how WWE can separate the Undisputed Universal title, ensuring Triple H has two World Championships to work with.

One of the ideas that fans have suggested is for a two-falls match to take place, with the first fall being for the WWE Championship and the second being for the Universal Championship.

This would mean that Reigns could win one of the falls, and lose the other, ensuring that the World titles were separated.

However, this doesn’t completely solve the issue for WWE, as for the titles to be separated using this method, Reigns would still have to be either pinned or submitted.

Roman Reigns is the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion
Roman Reigns is the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

How can WWE fix its Roman Reigns problem?

Another solution has been suggested by fans across social media, and to its credit, it’s probably the one that makes the most sense.

Tempest from WrestleTalk has shared a theory a fan chatted into one of their shows for how Reigns could lose one of his titles, without being pinned or submitted.

He says that WWE could have a ladder match between Reigns and an opponent, in his example Seth Rollins, and separate the titles that way.

As you can see from the tweet above, the finish to the match should see Reigns grab one of his titles, and Rollins retrives the other, allowing the titles to be separated without Roman being pinned or submitted.

This could be a fantastic way for Triple H to have another World Championship to work with, while not sacrificing Roman’s legendary reign in the process.

Roman hasn’t been pinned for over 1000 days now, with his last pinfall loss coming in December 2019, so it’s no surprise that WWE is so fixated on protecting ‘The Tribal Chief’ at all costs right now.

Some have even suggested that the match could take place at Survivor Series, given that the show will mark ten years since The Shield’s debut, which could be a nice little historical wrinkle to the story.

For what it’s worth, reports from the Wrestling Observer state that regardless of what happens with Reigns, he’s expected to walk into WrestleMania 39 for his match with The Rock with AT LEAST one of his titles.

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