Ridiculous basketball shot from 70-year-old man goes viral

70-Year-Old Goes Viral With Basketball Trickshot

A 70-year-old man has provided us with a moment of magic in New York, as a taxi driver scored a basket from on the street, sending the ball over the fence and swishing into the hoop perfectly, much to the amazement of the passers-by and onlookers.

The advances in technology means with smartphones, any moment can be captured on film and instantly uploaded to social media to millions of people who all loved the content they were seeing.

Although some will argue and point out the obvious drawbacks of the technology, magical moments like this wouldn’t be possible without it.

So, what happened?

George Papoutsis is apparently a 70-year-old taxi driver in New York City, but he clearly is talented with a ball in his hands.

He walks up to trickshot content creator Luc A Menard, and asks him if he can have a shot with his basketball.

Now, the pair are on the street outside of the caged court, so it seems incredibly unlikely he’ll be able to make the shot, but Luc A Menard agrees.

After agreeing to it, he juggles the ball to show off his own skills, before George Papoutsis catches the ball and make an effortless attempt at the basket.

His shot swishes in the net perfectly, with those surrounding him going wild for the 70-year-old’s ridiculous piece of skill.

If only he was a few years younger, the NBA would be all over talent like that! He looks like he’d make three pointers in his sleep!

Upon hitting the shot, the taxi driver then runs around celebrating, running down the busy street in New York, thankfully he wasn’t hit by a car in his exuberant celebrations.

The reaction on social media

With millions of views across social media, users have been having their say. One said: “I don’t even know what to say to this.”

Another added: “The running away at the end is everything.”

Someone else stated: “This is fantastic. I love every bit.”

Whilst another user added: “I love humans sometimes I tell ya, cracking video.”

Video: The viral shot can be seen here

Although it could well be staged, it doesn’t take away from how impressive the shot was, it’s no easy feat to score a basket from there, especially with the cage to contend with too. The angle he was shooting from effectively removed the ability to use the backboard to guide the shot home.

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