Todd Boehly: Thierry Henry & Jamie Carragher's priceless reactions to Premier League ideas

Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher haven’t held back when assessing the suggestions of Chelsea’s new owner, Todd Boehly.

The American hasn’t been afraid to rock the apple cart since arriving at Chelsea.

He recently sacked the very popular Thomas Tuchel from his role as manager after the club spent £250 million under his guidance in the most recent transfer window.

And today was in the headlines again after suggesting that the Premier League should be more open to Americanising its practices, specifically through implementing a north vs south All-Star game and a relegation tournament between the bottom four teams.

Boehly said in an interview: “Ultimately, I hope the Premier League takes a little lesson from American sports. And really starts to figure out, why don’t we do a tournament with the bottom four sports teams? Why isn’t there an All-Star game?”

Todd Boehly at Stamford Bridge

To say the suggestion is a controversial one would be an understatement, and one that hasn’t gone down well with footballing experts Henry and Carragher.

Speaking on CBS Sports ahead of Wednesday evening’s Champions League fixtures, Henry said on the matter:

“A lesson? What is that supposed to mean? What are they supposed to teach? Is he a teacher?

“I don’t like them (his ideas). This is Europe and it doesn’t work like that. Teams go up and down.

“And an All-Star game. For what?

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Carragher then provided his feelings on the matter.

“I’ll be honest with you. When I look at that statement, I think it’s incredibly arrogant to speak about a league that you don’t know.” Carragher said plainly.

“I think to come and speak like that when he’s not even proven he can run a Premier League club well yet, I mean, he sacked a manager after three games having spent £250 million.

“So, straight away you’re thinking ‘that’s not right’, so he’s not made a great start.

“I just think it’s incredibly arrogant to speak like that.”

Check out the two pundits’ full analysis out for yourself below.

WATCH: Henry and Carragher’s damning analysis

We feel like Henry and Carragher really reflect the views of pretty much all Premier League fans with their damning analysis.

As usual, the two pundits have hit the sweet spot and have well and truly put Boehly in his place there.

Touche boys, touché.

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