NBA 2K23: How to unlock replica builds of basketball icons

NBA 2K23 Players

NBA 2K23 is out now and has been a huge hit already.

The latest entry into the basketball simulation franchise blew us away, and we gave the game a 9.5/10 review, thanks to the huge suite of game modes and historical accuracy of the Michael Jordan showcase mode.

In addition, we praised the way MyPlayer operates, as you can build your own pro and take them on a journey from a controversial draft pick to a bona fide Hall of Famer.

And there are some real surprises waiting in the wings within MyPlayer, and they start when you first put your player’s stats together.

Let’s dive into it!

MyPlayer Hidden Builds Revealed

Michael Jordan

MyPlayer’s builds are vitally important to the way your career is going to go.

You’ll be picking your player’s position and their stats, making them potentially OP from the outset.

But this year, 2K has added a new feature that means players can unlock replica build icons that copy some of the greatest to ever do it.

We managed to create a player who was compared immediately with Steph Curry, as a “shades of” player.

However, 2K has also made it possible to build your MyPlayer so that they are essentially exact replicas of some of the biggest stars the NBA has ever seen.

nba 2k23 the city

As found by the Twitter user Uncle Demi, he tried to make a build reminiscent of Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets. He managed it too, and unlocked his name, so his build now features a nickname titled “The Joker”, which is Jokic’s nickname.

Jordan, Johnson, Rodman and Bryant

NBA 2k23 Champions Edition

The Radio Times has taken a look at the amount of replica builds that are available and the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, and Steph Curry can all be unlocked.

They give you a specific nickname; for MJ, for example, you’ll get “His Airness”, while Kobe would give you “Mamba”. It’s a really cool feature that allows players to complete customise the way their players operate on the court.

You’ll have to be exact, too; you’ll need to have the right position, handedness, jersey number, height, weight, wingspan, and you’ll have to match attributes to their NBA 2K23 player in other modes.

It’s unlikely to be accidental, then, as you’ll have to go to some effort to make your player exactly like MJ, but that’s part of the fun!

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