Josh Allen: Buffalo Bills QB works on rather unique skill in bizarre practice clip

Josh Allen stiff arm

Josh Allen appears to be taking on some new workout methods following the Buffalo Bills’ victory in Week 1 over the Los Angeles Rams. 

Whilst the vast majority of the NFL had to wait until Sunday to get their seasons underway, the Buffalo Bills had the honour of taking part in the league’s kickoff game as they travelled to Los Angeles to face the Super Bowl champion Rams in the first game of the season. 

It’s something of an honour to be chosen to kick off the season, as it shows the high status you have within the NFL that you’re worthy enough and big enough to warrant prime-time exposure like that on the opening week of the season.

And the Bills promptly showed exactly why so many people have them down as Super Bowl favourites this season as they rolled the Rams by a score of 31-10 in arguably the biggest ‘statement’ win that we saw anywhere during the opening week of the season.

And a large part of that was down to the man who many are also tipping to win league MVP, and that’s quarterback Josh Allen.

Josh Allen shines in Hollywood

Allen proved to the world exactly why so many people think this is going to be his and the Bills’ year, using both his arms and his legs to tear the Rams apart. Despite throwing two interceptions, he also threw for 297 yards and three touchdowns, whilst also leading all players in rushing on the night with 56 and adding a touchdown on the ground.

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Although perhaps his biggest moment of the night came in the third quarter when he delivered a brutal stiff arm to Rams safety Nick Scott.

Video: Josh Allen knocks down Nick Scott:

And it looks as if we might be seeing a lot more of it in the future as he appears to be working on his form in training.

Josh Allen works on laying down the law

In a clip posted by the Bills on social media, Allen can be seen playing around with backup quarterback Case Keenum, making sure that is arms are long enough to keep people at bay and protect the ball at the same time:

Video: Josh Allen works on his stiff arm with Case Keenum:

Obviously, in a game scenario it would be a lot quicker and a lot more physical, but practice makes perfect, and this should perhaps be a warning to defenders around the league that Allen is coming for you, and he isn’t afraid to put up a fight to keep you away from him.

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