Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva: Eddie Hearn gives his prediction


Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has given his thoughts on the match-up between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva.

After a great deal of speculation, it was confirmed earlier this week that Jake Paul’s next fight will come against the great Anderson Silva. The former UFC middleweight champion has made a strong transition over to the world of professional boxing and in the eyes of many, he’s the man who will be able to take down Paul and finally bring an end to his run in the sport.

Of course, there’s no guarantee behind that, and given that he’s 47 years old it’s not unthinkable to imagine Jake Paul pulling off a surprise victory.

He may not be the best from a technical standpoint but ‘The Problem Child’ definitely has power, and he only needs one chance to put Silva’s lights out and move to 6-0 in his career.

Alas, that’s going to be easier said than done, even with a lot of folks praising what he’s been able to do since first entering the squared circle.

One of his admirers in the past has been Eddie Hearn and when asked about the bout during a recent interview, the Englishman backed Jake to pick up the win.

Video: Eddie Hearn predicts Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva

“I don’t know enough about Anderson Silva — Anderson is [47], but he can box a bit by the sound of things,” Hearn said. “I just think that Jake’s been a bit unlucky because he was trying to fight Tommy Fury, he was trying to fight Hasim Rahman Jr., and that would have actually given him the ability to say, ‘Actually, you have to respect me now as a boxer.’

“To defeat Anderson Silva, while boxing is still a very impressive part of his repertoire, he’s still not a boxer, and he’s 47 years of age,” he continued. “But he’s a tough guy, he has a huge profile, he can box, and I think he’ll be competitive. I don’t think he beats Jake, because I think Jake is young, and I think he can punch a bit, and I’m intrigued to watch, and I like what Jake’s doing. It’s kind of him against the world.”

The big showdown

The meeting between these two competitors will take place on October 29 in Arizona, with the pair topping the bill of another big Showtime broadcast.

Silva walks in as the favourite, Paul walks in as the underdog, and millions will likely tune in to see whether or not the YouTuber can make some headlines once again.

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