PGA Tour 2K23: Topgolf collaboration announced

PGA Tour 2K23 Topgolf

2K has confirmed that Topgolf will make its debut in PGA Tour 2K23 and will centre around online play.

The upcoming golf game is scheduled to release on October 14th, 2022, and we have been drip fed information from the developers across the last few months.

The golf sim has Tiger Woods on the cover, and a variety of pro players have already been confirmed, along with the reveal that Michael Jordan will be playable in the game.

And we now have confirmation that players will be able to dive into TopGolf and play against their friends.

Let’s take a look at the details!

PGA Tour 2K23 announces Topgolf crossover

Tiger Woods - PGA Tour 2K23

2K has confirmed that they have partnered with TopGolf to bring the most realistic simulation of their experience to gaming.

Players will have the chance to take on their friends, test their skills, and try to earn high scores as they aim to climb the leaderboard and claim their bragging rights.

There is a true-to-life reproduction of a real-life Topgolf location in Las Vegas.

When you get there, players will be able to hit ten balls into a series of targets of different sizes and distances. Players will then earn points and MyPlayer XP along the way.

The club selection and control of your shots are vital to maximise your scoring chances in an attempt to become the very best.

The “Topgolf Challenge” can be taken on alone, or in groups of four.

In a boost to players who like to be social, 2K has confirmed that the game mode will be available in couch multiplayer or online, meaning that there will be an online leaderboard that players can look to climb.

PGA Tour 2K has never partnered with Topgolf before but they have confirmed in a press release that their ethos aligns with that of the developers, who want to make the game accessible for players of every single skill level.

Geoff Cottrill, the Chief Marketing Officer for Topgolf, said in the press release: “Play is at the centre of our venue experience. 2K is an incredible brand, creating world class games, and there is no better partner to extend our experience into the console gaming world, as we provide yet another way to play modern golf.”

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