MMA fighter punches YouTuber mid-interview in crazy scenes

MMA Interview Goes Wrong With Savage Attack

MMA fighter Amadeusz ‘Ferrari’ Roslik has gone viral for all the wrong reasons for his savage, brutal attack on a YouTuber during a TV interview.

Interviews can often deliver weird and wonderful moments, and some can turn sour. Sport has the potential to offer up all of those with the heightened emotions surrounding the events.

You could spend hours on YouTube scrolling through the strange, wonderful and downright bizarre, but Amadeusz Roslik has given us the absolutely disgraceful.

What did Amadeusz Roslik do?

To set the scene, ‘Sadek’, who is a YouTube star, was in the middle of giving an interview with Polish journalist, Monika Laskowska.

He is answering her questions on camera when Roslik barges in and punches Sadek in the face, sending him to the floor and knocking the advertising boards down behind him.

Sadek does manage to get back to his feet to continue the interview despite visibly bleeding from his mouth following the assault. Laskowska holds her composure too and tries to calm down the victim with it just the three of them in the room by the looks of things.

Video: The moment the YouTuber is punched can be seen here

Why did Amadeusz Roslik attack Sadek?

It’s unclear as to why the MMA fighter attacked Sadek like that, with nothing happening in the video prior to the brutal ambush.

However, Sadek is a long-time critic of the fighter and has allegedly made some comments about his family which is over the line, so that could be a reason as to why he went for him.

Whilst there’s no defending the fighter for his actions, negative remarks about another person’s family just isn’t on.

Amadeusz Roslik’s controversial career

He fights under the ‘FAME’ promotion, but he is known for all the wrong reasons, this interview isn’t the only time he has acted in a poor manner.

Two years ago, he was disqualified for an illegal kick to an opponent whilst they were down on the floor, so even when competing, he goes over the top and acts disgracefully.

Back in March, he scrapped a fellow fighter during a press conference, so the fact he is still employed is hard to believe.

It appears the promotion are banking on his abundance of bad press to help promote their brand rather than ban him which you would expect his behaviour probably deserves, but they are still yet to take action against him.

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