Referee in Serbia overturns decision after watching replay on fan's phone

Referee Serbia mobile phone

VAR’s introduction to the world of football really did flip it all on its head.

Despite being around for a number of seasons now, the referee aid system still seems to be plagued by teething issues as authorities scramble to find the best way to implement it.

Of course, it has shown its immense value at times, working a treat to overturn some absolute howlers from referees.

However, the system itself has, in its own right been responsible for some truly awful calls in the Premier League and beyond.

It does, however, look like VAR is here to stay with more leagues and competitions adopting the system as it becomes more and more sophisticated.

Referee uses fan’s phone to overturn decision

‘Sophistication’ may not be the word you might use to describe scenes in a lower division game, said to be in Serbia, after the referee was convinced to change his decision by an onlooking watching fan.

How did said fan manage to pull this off? He simply showed the referee a replay of the incident in question that he had taken on his mobile phone.

Referee uses fan phone to review decision

It was a surreal moment as the fan handed the referee the phone for him to review the incident, with players and staff remonstrating around the official.

He then spent a significant amount of time staring at the phone, before seemingly changing his mind, much to the delight of the team in blue.

You can see the bizarre scenes in the clips below:

Video: Referee changes his mind after watching replay on fan’s phone

Well there you go – that’s one way to make sure you get things right even in the absence of sophisticated camera work and technology.

Premier League to adopt new offside technology?

Meanwhile, Premier League officials are reportedly pushing to have new offside technology implemented in the English top flight.

The semi-automated system, which is currently being trialled in the Champions League and will be used in the World Cup in December, seems to be passing the test with flying colours.

The implementation of VAR’s offside rules has been one of the biggest points of contention in England so, if there is an opportunity to remove all doubt, then you can be sure officials will want to grab it with both hands.

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