Conor McGregor's most 'elite ability' explained by UFC commentator


UFC commentator Jon Anik has explained what he admires about Conor McGregor’s most ‘elite’ ability.

There are so very many things that can be said about the rise of Conor McGregor and what he means to the sport of mixed martial arts. From his star power to what he’s achieved inside the Octagon and beyond, there’s not a doubt in anyone’s mind that this man is the biggest name to ever come out of MMA.

The scary part, though, is that there’s a chance he isn’t even close to being done – even at the age of 34, which is when plenty of fighters around his weight class begin to consider riding off into the sunset.

He has all the money he could ever need and the fame to go with it, but he clearly still has that drive to succeed, as he did back in his prime when he was able to capture both the lightweight title and the featherweight title in the UFC.

Nowadays he’s looking a lot bigger and looks to be enjoying the luxuries that this life has afforded him, with his many sizeable paydays rivalling the majority of athletes from across the globe.

We’ve all sat back and watched ‘Notorious’ do his thing ever since he first entered the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but one man who has followed his career closer than most is Jon Anik.

Anik has spent many years serving as the voice of the UFC and has been on the call for a lot of Conor’s biggest fights.

During a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Jon spoke about one of the things that he respects the most in the Irishman.

Video: Jon Anik praises Conor McGregor

“Conor McGregor’s ability to articulate himself in the moment and say things that are not pre-rehearsed, that’s probably the most elite ability Conor McGregor has, I would agree. As an orator myself I marvel at Conor McGregor.”

What’s left?

When you’re one of the biggest draws in combat sports history and have won titles in multiple divisions, it’s hard to find the motivation to come back.

Of course, it’s not like there are no fights out there for Conor, whether it be in the cage or the squared circle.

A trilogy showdown with Nate Diaz feels like the big money move we all want to see but given his contract situation with the UFC, that seems unlikely.

On the flip side, he could always try and make a run at welterweight, although the sheer volume of wrestlers up there could throw him off the scent.

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