Phone booth fighting is genuinely a thing and it's wild

Phone booth fighting is genuinely a thing and to say it's wild would be an understatement

Phone booth fighting is genuinely a thing – and it’s absolute carnage.

Russia do things differently over in their part of the world when it comes to fighting.

They’ve held numerous unique events in the past.

They held a bizarre intergender fight where a 75-year-old and his grandson fought a woman in MMA.

While The Epic Fighting Championship organised a bizarre tag team fight where those participating wore blindfolds.

Phone booth fighting may well be crazier than those, though.

If you are wondering what phone booth fighting is, it’s exactly what it says on the tin.

In a video posted on to Twitter by Twitter user @Matysek8, two fighters can be seen getting in a classic British phone booth and stand back-to-back.

When the horn sounds, they turn around and start throwing everything they can at their opponent.

There doesn’t appear to be many rules. Punches, slaps and elbows are all allowed.

The fight goes on until one fighter surrenders or the referee, who is standing outside the phone booth looking in, stops the fight.

There is no place to hide or get any respite. It’s full on carnage right from the first horn. The event is held in Moscow and is run by Punch Club. View it below…

VIDEO: Phone booth fighting is absolute carnage

Brutal stuff.

In the video posted, the fight is extremely one-sided. One fighter gains the upper hand straight away and lands some huge blows.

The bout goes on for just 15 seconds before it is stopped.

The footage has gone viral on Twitter with many fans sharing their opinion on the bonkers event.

@gazspro wrote: “This is a sport I never knew I needed to see”.

“How is this allowed?! This is next level” @addyyyy_m wrote.

@theaaronhunter said: “FAM WHO COMES UP WITH THIS S***?!”

“This is nothing short of incredible”, @EGee98_.

While @TheDonCena said: “This gotta be the craziest shit I’ve ever seen.”

You have got to be extremely brave – or just crazy – to participate in phone booth fighting.

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