Bray Wyatt: Ex-WWE star's spine-tingling 2020 entrance

Bray Wyatt's WWE entrance was so spine-tingling

Bray Wyatt had one of the most captivating entrances during his time as ‘The Fiend’ in WWE.

Things may not have worked out for Bray in WWE, but there’s no denying that ‘The Fiend’ was one of the company’s most unique characters.

A lot of that has to be placed at the feet of Bray, who came up with the idea for ‘The Fiend’ himself, before bringing it to WWE in 2019.

Bray Wyatt’s jaw-dropping WWE entrance

As rumours of Bray returning to WWE continue to circulate, footage has re-emerged from one of his entrances before a match on SmackDown.

The footage comes from 2020, during WWE’s time at The ThunderDome, and shows The Fiend walking down to the ring before a match on TV.

The entrance, as you can see below, is nothing short of spine-tingling, perfectly encapsulating the ‘sports entertainment’ aspect of WWE.

Video: Clip of Bray Wyatt’s spine-tingling WWE entrance as The Fiend in 2020

As you can see from the footage above, it’s really quite hard to argue that there was anything as special as watching ‘The Fiend’ in WWE.

WWE used the fans that fans weren’t in the arena due to COVID to their advantage. As you can see from the clip, WWE used the ThunderDome screens to enhance The Fiend’s entrance and make it even better,

Fan reaction to The Fiend’s iconic WWE entrance

The sentiment that The Fiend’s entrance was incredibly special has been shared by fans across social media after the clip of his walkout started to do the rounds on Twitter.

In fact, you can see a selection of tweets below, featuring some of the aformentioned reactions from fans, with some even calling it one of the best entrances of all time.

Is Bray Wyatt returning to WWE?

As noted earlier, there has been increased speculation over the last couple of weeks regarding Bray’s future within wrestling, especially as it pertains to a potential return to WWE.

In fact, reports from PWTorch last month claimed that with Vince McMahon now having retired, Bray was “more likely” to return to WWE than he was previously.

However, reports that emerged yesterday from the Wrestling Observer suggest that Bray’s potential comeback to WWE isn’t as complete as some fans have been led to believe.

Dave Meltzer reported yesterday that the former WWE Champion had definitely held talks with the wrestling giant over a potential return.

However, the report, which you can read more about by clicking here, also claimed that talks between the two parties had stalled when the topic of pay was brought up, with Wyatt’s asking price believed to be high.

It’s worth noting that Meltzer noted that Wyatt’s return to WWE wasn’t dead in the slightest, just that talks had stalled at one stage of the negotiation process.

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